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Windows Phone 8 Beats iPhone Sales in Italy

Windows Phone 8 Beats iPhone Sales in Italy

Windows 8 phone beats iphone

iPhone 5S is surely doing great everywhere else, but it seems that Europe, especially Italy has more Windows Phone 8 Lovers as compared to iPhone.

Since November, the sales of Windows Phone 8 have shown significant improvement, hence escalating the position of Windows Phone in Italian markets and in rest of the Europe as well.

Around 16% of the Smartphone sales solely belong to phones running Windows Phone 8 operating system, while iPhone 5S was only able to take about 10% of the overall Smartphone sales in Italy.

The future of Windows Phone OS surely looks great, as Microsoft and Nokia merger is surely paying out, and slowly but gradually the company is taking over the market, and cutting out profits from the pockets of industry giants.

Besides Europe, Windows Phone 8 is also getting higher demand in Latin America and United States as well, and it seems that by the end of 2015, it will be able to capture a huge chunk of Sales from the global market.


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