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A Brief Overview of Different Smartphone LCD Screens

A Brief Overview of Different Smartphone LCD Screens

When it comes to communication, this can be rightly said as the age of Smart phones. This is mainly because with the help of smart phones you are not only able to communicate with others, but you are also allowed to conduct your business deals flawlessly, play different games, browse over the internet, take pictures, socialize etc. at the same time.

Normally Smart phones are quite expensive as compared to normal phones, and it is not just because of their high-end features or brand name, it is also because of type of LCD screens used in that particular phone.

The price of these phones largely depend upon the type of display screens they possess, and even some of the damaged display screens can be sold at a very good price even after they have reached to the stage of BER.

Let us discuss some of the Smart phones and their displays which are worth quite much even after they are broken down. These include:

Samsung Galaxy LCD Screens

samsung galaxy screens

Samsung Galaxy Series is known to be the main highlight reel of Samsung Smart phones and currently its S3, S4, Note 2 and Note 3 are high in demand. The screen used in these Smart phones and Phablets is made from Super AMOLED capacitive touch screen, which is known to be one of the most expensive one.

AMOLED stands for Active – Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode and has similar performance as of OLED screens, however the only difference between OLED and Super AMOLED is that Super AMOLED consumes considerably less amount of power in its operation. Besides that, Super AMOLED reflects sunlight 5 times lesser than basic AMOLED screens.

Nokia Lumia LCD Screens

Nokia lumia screens type

Nokia surely brought itself up from troublesome time with the help of their Nokia Lumia series. The newest and high demand models of this series are: Nokia Lumia 900, 920, 1020 and 1520. Nokia has either used AMOLED capacitive touch screen in these models or IPS LCD capacitive touch screen.

AMOLED is known to be the new generation of LCD screens that is being used in Nokia Lumia 900 and 1020 phones. The main reason for their usage is that they have less manufacturing cost, consumes less power and can be expanded to larger sizes as well.

The LCD screen used in Lumia 920 and 1520 is IPS LCD capacitive display, IPS stands for In – Plane Switching, which offers higher response time.

iPhone LCD Screens

 iphone screens type

iPhone is regarded as one of the most favorite and distinctive Smart phone offered by Apple Inc. Since the iPhone was launched, not only it came out as one of the most innovative product, but it has also offered quality and reliability at the same time.

Apple’s current iPhone 5, 5S and 5C are all equipped with LED-backlit IPS LCD. Apple has replaced CCFL technology from LED-backlit which is used for backlighting, while IPS also offers excellent response time as well.


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