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Troubleshooting Methods and Tips For Samsung Galaxy S3 Charging Problem

Troubleshooting Methods and Tips For Samsung Galaxy S3 Charging Problem

Charging problem in Samsung Galaxy S3 is really not a common one, but when it happens you really know that you are going to have a very bad time! Samsung Galaxy S3 Charging problem can occur due to any of the reasons; it could either be due to water damage or physical damage.


  • Phone not charging.
  • Very slow charging.

Reasons of Problems

  • Charging connector’s pins might be damaged, corrosive or dusty.
  • Charger is out of order or is not original.
  • Battery might be faulty or copy.
  • Battery terminals might be corrosive or damaged.


  • Change your phone charger and check. (Always use original charger)
  • Blow charging connector of your phone and then retry.
  • Check your phone’s battery for any kind of damage (also its terminals). If it is damaged then change it.

Hardware Solution

Normally Samsung Galaxy S3 charging problem is due to faulty charging connector, and in order to overcome that, all you have to do is to:

  • Remove Battery cover, Battery and C cover, then check charging connector’s pins
  • First Clean and remount all the pins of charging connector.
  • Put Battery in again and connect charger

Following is the solution of above mentioned charging problems of Samsung Galaxy S3:

Slow Charging

In this problem, battery charges way too slow than usual, and in order to overcome that, all you have to do is to:

How to get rid from Galaxy S3 Charging problem

  • Check all the above mentioned connections as well as defective components in marked areas, put jumper wherever necessary, this is surely going to resolve your Samsung Galaxy S3 slow charging problem.

Not Charging

When you don’t find any response from your phone when the charger is connected then it means that your phone is facing Samsung Galaxy S3 not charging issue. In order to overcome that, all you have to do is to follow the following steps:

  • Verify whether charging connector is in good shape or not, which can be done by simply connecting charger and checking the voltage at its left end pin or you can also choose to trace the track as mentioned in above picture.
  • You can also choose to chase the track as mentioned below:

Samsung Galaxy S3 charging problem

  • Check the connection from charging point (from charging connector) to diode + terminal.
  • Check whether the diode is faulty or not, if it is then replace it.
  • Check the connection from B+ to the IC u506 (charging control), that’s the key step!
  • Check voltage levels as mentioned above, reheat or replace u506(IC).



  • My s3 was working fine and fully charged, when it decided to turn off on its own.
    since then I have not been able to fully turn on. I’ve tried plugging it in the wall charger… Nothing…
    If I press against the battery it will vibrate then turn on then shut off.
    I love this phone.. But does it sound like its a housing issue?
    I don’t want a new phone, I really want to fix this one.
    Thank you for taking the time out to reply

  • genesis duin

    Hey I’ve had an s3 for a year now and it was fine until a couple days ago it started rebooting itself…what I’ve noticed is that when I’m looking to something that you have to scroll down a lot like Twitter or Facebook suddenly the screen stars to idk lost power and it looks like when you’re watching tv and the light goes out….so than it reheats and shuts and then it’s like I have no battery but when I plug it to the charger and turn it on it says like it’s 40% loaded sooo…so wired. ..what is it?..thaks!! 🙂

    • It is the clear case that you are having battery problems in your phone, and you need to change that, but before that I recommend you should update your Firmware and Software, as the software issue could also be reason of this problem.

  • Nisar Cheruvadi

    Since 1 year am using SG3. without any problem, 1 week back i updated my android 4.12 to 4.3. after that i can’t connect USB cable with system, and mobile is not charging while switch off. i updated by Wify connection only.
    so please tell me is it because of any updating error or some settings problem.
    if it is problem of android 4.3, please tel me how can i change to android 4.12.

    • Well this could be due to any of the reasons, but if it happened immediately after that then it must be due to android update. I recommend that you should take the back up of your phone’s data and do a factory reset, this will do the job for you.

  • SAMSUNGalaxys3user


  • ali darwish

    Can not be rebooted , took the battery out and put it back still the same .when turn the power on the samsung loogo appear and stay still

    • Ali that’s hanging problem, not charging problem. You have commented on a wrong post my friend. Anyways if it hangs on the logo then none of the software solutions are going to work in this case. Please check whether any of the volume buttons are jammed or not, if they are then replace them (from hardware). Else the problem will be that the display pins are short with each other, you need to clean them first. If that doesn’t solves the problem then you need to re-solder them. Hope it works for you.

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