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What is Tizen OS and Why it is Different from Android and iOS?

What is Tizen OS and Why it is Different from Android and iOS?

Tizen ios and android

Tizen is basically a Linux based operating system that is designed for Smart phones, Smart TV’s, Cameras and for other smart electronics. Tizen is currently being handled by the developers of Samsung and Intel under the banner of Linux Foundation.

One of the biggest purposes of Tizen OS is to eliminate the monopoly of Android OS, which is known to be the least Open Source OS currently ruling Smartphone industry. The concept of Tizen is based on providing Smartphone companies with an open source OS that actually fulfills the true meaning of Open Source platform, hence allowing developers to modify the device’s software as per their needs.

iOS is completely different world and you can’t compare this OS with Android and neither with Tizen, as it is solely designed for Apple’s devices, and is a closed source only authorized to be used in Apple devices.

Linux launched Tizen in 2012, and the recent interest of Samsung in Tizen OS for its Smart phones has helped it to gain user’s attention. But the fact is, still a whole lot of development is needed in order to make Tizen a success.

Chances of success or failure of any Smartphone and OS largely depends upon its apps, and this is the thing that Tizen doesn’t have it with them. They need to persuade third party developers to contribute in Tizen OS, as that’s the only way this Operating system can compete against Android.


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