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How to Solve Nokia Lumia 800 Speaker Problem?

How to Solve Nokia Lumia 800 Speaker Problem?


  • No sound in speaker.
  • Low Sound in Speaker.
  • Distorted sound in speaker.

Reasons of Problems

  • Dust can be the one of the biggest reasons for no, low and distorted sound.
  • It can also happen due to water damage or excessive encounter of moisture which in turn damage the speaker of phone.
  • No continuity between speaker’s contacts / terminals and coils.
  • Could be the problem with any of the capacitors and coils that comes under the banner of speaker’s circuits.


  • Like in every sound related problem, you need to check your volume settings and current active profile.
  • Restart your phone and check.
  • If the above methods fail then update your OS.

speaker hole

  • Clean the Speaker hole with the help of a tiny brush.

Tools Required

  • Multi meter.
  • Star screw driver.
  • Plastic tool.
  • Small cleaning brush.

Hardware Procedure

For Low and Distorted Sound

lumia 800 speaker

  • Change your speaker’s mesh and check.
  • If the above step fails then change your Lumia 800 Speaker, as there is no other solution of this problem than that.

For No Sound

lumia 800 speaker terminals

  • Remove speaker and clean its contacts / terminals and check.

 lumia 800 shield

  • Now remove shield over the components of Speakers (Shield at the back side of the board)

 speaker coils and capacitors

  • Check continuity between speaker’s positive terminal and Coil – 1
  • Now check speaker’s positive terminal connection with Capacitor – 1.
  • Check Negative terminal’s connection with Coil 2 and afterwards with Capacitor – 2.
  • If none of the above mentioned steps work then you need to change the speaker, as there is no other solution than that.
  • Gently Heat Audio IC and check, if faulty replace.

Normally you encounter Nokia Lumia 800 speaker problem when your phone encounters any kind of physical damage. Moisture and water are known to be the killer of speakers, for example if you take calls while in shower or soon after shower, there is a high probability that a drop or excessive moisture can enter in the speaker hence damaging it or its parts. It’s hardware solution isn’t that difficult, and all you need to do is to have steady hands and all the right tools that are needed in order to perform this procedure.


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