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An Overview of Smartphone’s Sales Statistics in 2013

An Overview of Smartphone’s Sales Statistics in 2013

smartphone sales statistics of 2013

The year 2013 has been exceptionally well for most of the Smartphone manufacturing companies, as some of them made record sales, while some of the big names limped back in the long run. The year 2013 was surely the name of innovation, as the ones that offered innovative features and thought out of the box were able to capture the market, while the ones that stick with their old strategy suffered huge losses.

Companies including Blackberry and HTC suffered the most this year, as Blackberry has almost planned to shutdown their mobile phone manufacturing section while HTC is suffering losses and their annual profit is in a continuous decline, and this is one of the reasons why now they are planning to launch their HTC budget series, as their CEO Peter Chou says that the company is missing the most important section of Smartphone trade, that is the launch of budget phone series, as in this way they are able to make more sales. Total profit earned by HTC in 2013 is $10 Million.

On the other hand LG seems to be quite disappointed over their sales, as the company was expecting that their Flagship LG G2 will make at least 10 million sales, however it was only be able to make 2.3 Million sales. Design, features and style of LG G2 was surely outstanding but the company was expecting much better results, however the company is planning to launch LG G3 in the second half of 2014 and they surely have a whole lot of expectations from it.

Nokia was at the brick of destruction, as the decreased sales and lack of apps was one of the things that were taking this company down, but with the assistance of Microsoft, Nokia had its stand. Till the end of 2013, Nokia was able to sell out more than 7 Million units of its Lumia handsets, hence allowing the company to come in a better state from its crippling position. Overall it was an excellent year for Nokia.

Samsung is known to be the Global leader of Smartphone mainly because of its Galaxy Series. Till now it’s Samsung Galaxy S, S2 and S3 has joined its 50 Million Club. Every Galaxy phone that makes 50 Million sales is inducted into this club, but it seems that the things are going a little bit rough for Galaxy S4, as till now S4 is able to make 40 Million sales worldwide till now. Galaxy Note 3 has made 10 Million sales till now, overall 50 Million Sales in 2013, make it the second biggest seller of 2013.

Apple Inc. has surely won 2013; as yet alone the company was able to make 50 Million sales in the last quarter of this year. The cumulative sales of iPhone 5S and 5C has been over 50 Million while with the addition of iPhone 5 sales in the first part of the year makes this number even higher!

That’s the overall statistics of different Smartphone manufacturer’s, and the number clearly defines who the winner is and who needs to work hard in order to stand in this industry. The Year 2014 has come up with a whole lot of promises; now let’s see who wins this year!


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