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Smartphone’s Sales in US, Western Europe and Japan Starts to Slow Down

Smartphone’s Sales in US, Western Europe and Japan Starts to Slow Down

The Smartphone’s sales have witnessed its uprising in 2013, as yet alone in this year the Smart phones manufacturing company sold more than 1 Billion Smart phones!

smartphones sales down

This figure is about 40% higher than the previous year and this is one of the reasons why the sales of Smart phones in 2014 has slowed down, and it is expected that the companies like Apple Inc and Samsung will not be able to make the sales over their Flagship phones like the past year and they might witness significant drop in their sales as compared to the last year even though they come up with the most innovative features and designs, and this is mainly because this sale of more than 1 Billion handsets in just a single year has made this market overly saturated.

No doubt these companies are going to make sales, but this number is not going to rise more than 10% especially in United States, Western Europe and Japan and the actually downfall of Smart phones sales will start from 2017 in which these countries as well as many others will witness a downfall of more than 10%.

Besides everything else, the average price of the high-end phones will also decrease to masses, and this is because of the decrease in demand of these phones. One of the biggest reasons for this is that a good number of companies are focusing towards their budget phone series, and offering powerful specs and high end features in those phones, hence decreasing the need of going with the high-end expensive phones.

2014 is all about budget phones, as most of the companies even HTC has decided that they are going to work on their budget phone series, as their high-end phones are doing no good for them, as alone in February 2014 their sales have fallen by 36.5%. Other than HTC, Blackberry is also looking forward towards their budget phones while Nokia, Motorola and Samsung have already launched their budget phones.

Other than just above mentioned countries, this Smartphone downfall is going to hit almost every other country except third world where there is still a good room for budget Smart phones. Now let’s see what surprises wait for us in 2014, as all the industry giants are coming up with even better Smart phones than their predecessors, as it is all about making sales in this overly saturated market.


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