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Overcoming SIM and MMC Problems in Samsung Galaxy S1

Overcoming SIM and MMC Problems in Samsung Galaxy S1

SIM and MMC problem in Samsung Galaxy S1 is known to be one of the issues that may arise anytime and due to any of the reasons. Normally these issues arises after you have been using your Samsung Galaxy S1 for quite a long time, as most of the times common wear and tear is enough to cause this problem.

The method to resolve these issues is quite different, as the circuit of SIM card and MMC has nothing to do with each other, therefore we are going to discuss the solution of the problems separately and in a step by step manner.


  • Phone shows “Insert SIM Card” error message even though it is inserted.
  • Phone shows “Insert SIM Card” error message from time to time during phone use.
  • Memory card not found.
  • Not able to save files in memory card.
  • Data in memory card becomes corrupt.

Reasons of Problems

  • Your SIM card might be faulty.
  • SIM card holder might have dust on it or it might be damaged.
  • SIM voltage might be lower or fluctuating.
  • Any of the SIM card holder components might be damaged.
  • Memory Card might be corrupt.
  • Incompatible file found in memory card.
  • Memory card might be faulty.

Solution of SIM Card Problem

SIM card problem in Samsung Galaxy S1

When your SIM card fails to read and gives you “Insert Sim Card” notification than all you have to do is to follow the following steps:

  • Replace your current SIM card with a better one in order to know whether it is the problem with your SIM Card or phone.
  • Visually check whether your SIM card holder is damaged or not. Also Clean your SIM card holder.
  • Fix the pin if it is misaligned or replace SIM PCB holder.
  • Check SIM voltage after inserting the SIM card (it should be around 1.8v).
  • Trace VSIM, SIM reset, SIM clock, SIM IO and ground pins (Check Figure)

 MMC Problem in Samsung Galaxy S1

 MMC Problem in Samsung Galaxy S1

In order to resolve Memory Card problem of S1, all you have to do is to:

  • Change your Memory Card, if the new one starts working then it means your previous MMC was faulty.
  • Check all the connections.
  • Solder MMC board connector.
  • If it doesn’t work then change the MMC PCB strip
  • Insert MMC and check
  • If it gives a notification that your Memory Card is corrupt then format it

Simply by following the above mentioned steps you will surely be able to resolve both of your SIM card and MMC problem in the best possible manner.


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