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How to Sell Your Broken LCD Screens?

How to Sell Your Broken LCD Screens?

One of the worst things that can happen to a smart phone is its LCD screen to get damaged or broken down. At this point, the only thing that you can do is to replace your smart phone’s broken LCD with a new one, which is surely a one tiring and daunting task in itself. Besides that you also need to be extra careful while performing the entire task, as the things gets messier way much easily when it comes to replacing LCD of your phone irrespective of its model.


A phone with broken LCD screen is surely worthless, as its look consistently annoys you and you find a whole lot of trouble in using its applications, making phone calls, composing and sending text messages etc. hence all in all it will surely give you a whole lot of trouble, until or unless you replace it with a new one. But the question is:

What You Should Do With Your Damaged or Broken LCD?

Normally a person will suggest you to throw away your broken, damaged or faulty LCD, as now it is of no use, but do you know that you can still sell it out and make a couple of dollars from it? There are a good number of companies that are willing to buy your smart phone’s broken, damaged or faulty LCD’s. Companies normally buy LCD screens of almost every smart phone, but some of them have their reservations when it comes to specific type of mobile LCD screens, so if you have the damaged mobile screens of their desired model than they will be more than happy to buy it.

How Much They Pay For Damaged or Broken LCD Screens?

The amount that is paid by the company is not fixed, and they pay as per the condition of the LCD screen and the model number it belongs to. If you go with the right company, you are surely going to get the right amount. Scheibye Trading is the name of a company that buys broken LCD’s of iPhone, Samsung and Blackberry’s selective model, and are willing to pay you upto $20 for each damaged screen. In order to check out the details about the model of smart phones broken LCD screens they are willing to buy, browse over their website.

Special Offer Offered By

If you choose to go with this company, you are assured to get upto $20.00 for each broken LCD, the amount is paid via direct transfer or PayPal. Besides that, if you are planning to ship at least 100 LCD screens than the company will be bearing all the shipment expenses, hence allowing it to be a Win – Win situation for you in every way!


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