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How to Save iPhone from Water Damage?

How to Save iPhone from Water Damage?

Wet iPhone

One of the worst things that could happen to anyone is that he or she drops his iPhone in water, and this is because water is surely known to be a cellular phone killer that can damage or leave the cellular phone dead

If you ever drop your iPhone in water then all you have to do is to follow all the following steps as soon as you take your iPhone out from the water without any kind of delay:

Turn Your iPhone Off

Turning iPhone off

The very first thing that you need to do after taking your iPhone out of water is to turn the phone off immediately. Press the power button until it shuts down.

Remove It from Its Casing

 remove iPhoen from casing

If your iPhone is in some kind of cover or casing, then the next thing that you should be doing is removing it from there, as these covers or casing will surely trap the moisture in your phone. It’s okay to leave screen protector on your phone if there is no water bubble underneath it.

Disconnecting Accessories

Disconnect headphones, ports, chargers and other accessories immediately out of your iPhone

Dry it Out

Dry your iPhone out with a piece of dry cloth. Wipe down the screen, sides as well as its back and put some extra efforts when it comes to wiping out volume button, audio output jack, mute switch, microphones and speakers. Use Cotton buds to clean the audio output jack and gaps in your iPhone so there will be no traces of any moisture.

After you are done with the above basic cleaning steps, the next thing that you would be doing is getting your iPhone into an airtight rice bag. In order to rice work perfectly for your iPhone, these are the basic requirements of a rice bag that you need to fulfill.

  • Get a Zip–Lock bag or any other similar air tight bag.
  • Insert the rice into air tight bag; they could be of any type.
  • Place your iPhone in air tight rice bag in a way that rice covers the bag completely (see below)

 air tight rice bag with iPhone

  • Leave it there for at least 36 hours.

After 36 hours take your phone out of the rice bag and check for traces for any damp surface on your iPhone or any kind of residual moisture. If it still has some moisture left, then don’t turn it on and put it back into the rice bag, but if it is completely dry and there are no traces of moisture left then turn it on, and it’s surely going to work well for you! That’s how you save iPhone from water damage.


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