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Samsung’s Gadgets Ban in US after losing Patent Infringement Case

Samsung’s Gadgets Ban in US after losing Patent Infringement Case

Samsung's gadget ban in US

That’s the second time we have witnessed a big patent war between Samsung and Apple, and yet again Apple Inc. won the Patent case, but this time in front of US International Trade Commission. Samsung surely suffered a big blow, as some of its new gadgets won’t be able to reach U.S. market, as they have infringed two of the Apple Patents.

On the appeal of Samsung, the ban on import of Samsung’s targeted products was postponed, but later on the US official that was looking into the patent case rejected Samsung’s appeal, hence enforcing the ban on those Samsung’s products on immediate basis.

The patent infringement is basically over Samsung’s usage of “Finger Prints detection” on its touch screen and the mode of working of Audio Jack; however Samsung claims that they have developed their own technology which is not derived from Apple’s ideas in any way!

Previously (In August) Samsung was charged with 4 Patent infringement cases, in which it was able to clear its name flawlessly, but not this time.

Samsung products that are banned in United States are not revealed yet, but within a few days people will come to know about them. At least one thing is for sure that Samsung’s all new curved display smart phone Galaxy Round is not in this list, as it is launched just a few days ago. However Samsung has only launched Galaxy Round in South Korea for now, so anyone who is looking forward towards this curved display Smartphone in United States, need to wait for a while.

Other than United States, both Apple Inc. and Samsung has fought a patent war with each other in 9 countries in just a few years, and it seems that this thing will continue to go like this, as both of them are looking forward towards maximum market share of this industry.


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