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Samsung’s Darkest Secrets Revealed

Samsung’s Darkest Secrets Revealed

No matter how much Apple Inc. makes its sales over its iPhone’s, but the world knows that the current leader of Smartphone market is Samsung Mobiles.

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Samsung did not become a success in the Smartphone world before the launch of its Galaxy series, and this is because their phones weren’t that much impressive before, and the company was more focused towards consumer electronics.

Samsung Galaxy series surely became an untimely success, as the people were getting what they want including all the extra ordinary features at fairly low prices as compared to other Smartphone manufacturers.

Samsung Galaxy took a grab over the global Smartphone market in just a few years, and this is because nobody else was able to beat their prices neither locally and nor internationally.

Other than the elite market, Samsung also took over the Smartphone budget market all over the world, especially China, and this is because it is known to be the biggest Mid-range market that is ruled by Samsung flawlessly, while others are far behind mainly due to their prices.

Samsung has surely built a reputation in consumer market as well as Smartphone market, and this is one of the reasons why they are accepted to the masses. Besides everything else, Samsung is a South Korean company, and South Korea’s strategic location has allowed Samsung to flourish even more.

We all have witnessed that Samsung has been launching a couple of phones every month, and this is only to grapple the market even more. Samsung is literally not giving space to any other Smartphone manufacturer to take over this deal, as they have been offering top notch features at an unbeatable price. The company has been focusing on offering cheaper phones, hence eliminating other smart phone manufacturers, hence leaving a very thin market for them.

If you browse over the internet you will surely find dozens of different Samsung Smart phones that fall under the banner of Galaxy, hence giving the users more and more options to select among different Samsung models.

Besides everything else, Samsung is always on a look to find cheaper labor, and this is one of the reasons why most of their phone manufacturing is done in China. Besides that, there were also reports that the major manufacturing of all new Samsung Galaxy S5 was done in Vietnam, where they have found even cheaper labor.

After the launch of Samsung Galaxy S5, the company has already planned to launch the S5 Zoom on 29th of April, hence trying to capture more and more market just at the beginning of the 2nd Quarter. Besides everything else, more of Galaxy phones are expected over the years.

Apple Inc. has always retained its iPhone market intact, even though there sales have been on a constant rise since the launch of very first iPhone, while for the company’s like Huwaei, HTC, Nokia, Motorola, LG, Blackberry etc the competition is becoming really very difficult, even though some of them are already planning to quit Smartphone manufacturing or going towards a change in strategy in order to increase their Sales.

Samsung and Apple Inc have always been each other’s rivals, but the fact is both of these phones are entirely different, and it’s the user’s choice whether he wants to stick with Galaxy S series or iPhone.

We all know that the Smartphone market is almost saturated, and by the start of 2015, it might become completely saturated, hence leaving no space for others. This is one of the reasons why it is expected that in next 5 years some of the major players in Smartphone manufacturing business are going to Quit, as they will only suffer bigger losses. HTC and Blackberry are already suffering huge losses and lesser sales for the past couple of years, and hence they might reach their doom.

Samsung’s strategy is pretty clear that it wants to dominate the Smartphone market completely, while making the market saturated at the point where other big players have to quit this industry, hence leaving total Smartphone market share for Android OS with Samsung.


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