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Samsung to Launch 5 Smart Phones in First Quarter of 2014

Samsung to Launch 5 Smart Phones in First Quarter of 2014

samsung launches 5 smartphones in 2014

It seems that Samsung is all set to welcome 2014, as the company has planned to launch 5 Samsung Smart phones in the first quarter of the year.

One of these Smart phones is surely going to be Samsung Galaxy S5, while others might be the phones that Samsung has promised last year, especially Samsung Galaxy Wrap – around display phone.

Company has surely caught media attention to masses, as they are making some pretty impressive announcements about their gadgets and promises about their new features and innovations they are planning to offer in upcoming year.

It is evident that Samsung has media attention on their side, and now they really have to work things out for themselves in order to retain this thing. However Samsung has surely built a reputation of delivering their promises by far, so positive things can be expected from their side.

Besides that, Galaxy Note 3 Lite is also planned in the upcoming year, which is actually a tear down of the current one with a little lesser sized display screen and camera, especially designed for the Chinese market, which is regarded as the biggest mid range Smart phone market.

It is expected that out of these 5 Smart phones 3 are going to be the elite ones, will the remaining two will be for mid ranged market.


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