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Samsung Smart Phones Takes out Major American Mobile Phone Manufacturers

Samsung Smart Phones Takes out Major American Mobile Phone Manufacturers

Samsung taking down apple

Have you ever noticed why American Judiciary and Government have been really harsh on Samsung and its products? The reason is Samsung is known to be one of the companies that has outclassed almost each and every American Mobile phone manufacturing company or at least has cut out its profits to the masses.

The biggest names in Mobile industry including Apple Inc (iPhone), Motorola and Blackberry are American companies who have been suffering huge losses mainly due to Samsung Smart phones.

We all know what future holds for Blackberry, as recently Blackberry suffered a loss of $965M USD, out of which $935M USD loss alone has been added in Blackberry Z10’s inventory. Besides that, major mobile carriers like AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile has stated that they are no longer interested in any of the Blackberry phones. The biggest reason for this is that these phones are quite expensive and they only have a very few apps along their side, which has forced major Blackberry users to switch from Blackberry to Samsung phones.

On the other hand, another big mobile phone manufacturer Motorola is also in a declining state, as its cheaper phones do not fulfill user’s demand while their smart phones are quite expensive, and this is one of the reasons why Motorola’s shipping boundaries are waning in other regions at a rapid pace.

Apple, which is known to be the leading cellular phone manufacturer, is also troubled by the Industry Giant Samsung, as the company is known for cutting out Apple’s profits on a large scale, as people prefer to go with Samsung Galaxy products than iPhone.

Not just the price difference, one of the biggest reasons why people are moving towards Samsung is the reliability, style and innovation that Samsung is offering to its users. These are some of the reasons why we find Samsung in Patent infringement cases and bans on its products in United States, as it is eating out American Smartphone market, while leaving less opportunity for others.


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