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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Wi-Fi Problem

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Wi-Fi Problem

galaxy note 2 wifi problems

Another most common issue that is faced by many is Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Wi-Fi problem. Many have complained that whenever they try to connect to Wi-Fi the speed is either too slow, keeps on disconnecting or it doesn’t connect at all! These are surely some of the most intense issues, if you are a business personal who conducts his business online or the person who needs to be updated all the time. Besides that, all such issues also frustrate the users to masses.

This problem could either be due to your Samsung Note 2 Wi-Fi settings or it could either be because of your router’s settings. In the following lines you will get to know some of the most important troubleshooting steps that will assist you to masses in resolving this problem, these steps include:


Here are some of the possible Samsung Note 2 Wi-Fi solutions:

  • In some cases a simple restart of your Note 2’s Wi-Fi will get the job done!
  • If the above step doesn’t work then you might also like to go with restarting your router or both.
  • Go into settings section of your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and:
    • Choose “Advanced” option
    • Select “Always” in “Keep Wi-Fi on During Sleep”. Verify that Wi-Fi Timer is on and also check your IP address.
  • If you are an AT&T user then check “Smart Wi-Fi app”, as it overrides your device setting.
  • Go with Factory Reset option (It should be taken as a last resort, if everything else doesn’t work). Make sure to sync your device before you go with this option.


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