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Samsung Note 2 Problem – Weird Sounds while Charging

Samsung Note 2 Problem – Weird Sounds while Charging

A whole lot of problems have complained that they have heard buzzing or hissing sounds while charging their Samsung Galaxy Note 2, and they have marked it under the banner of Samsung Note 2 Problems. However the fact is, this is no problem at all, as this is basically the sound of charger and it is absolutely normal!


Most people say it as a Samsung Note 2 problem because they get annoyed by these buzzing and hissing sounds, and they want solution for it. In the following lines you will get to know about the solution of this Samsung Note 2 buzzing and hissing sound problem:


  • Charge your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with the help of a USB Cable connected with your PC, however it would take a little long when it comes to its charging.
  • Go with a Third Party charger, as it will charge your Samsung Note 2 much quietly, but the problem is it will charge your Note 2 at a very slow pace.
  • Plug your Samsung Note 2 Charger in some other room. This is just a work around so that you won’t get bothered by those hissing and buzzing sounds while charging your device.

I hope that above solution works for you!


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