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Samsung Gets New Patents for Curved Screen Display

Samsung Gets New Patents for Curved Screen Display

Samsung can rightly be said as the founder of curved screen display screens in Smart phones, as they were the very first one who introduced curved screens display in their Samsung Galaxy Round, although it was only launched in limited number so that its durability can be tested on its day to day use.

samsung curved display patents

Samsung also knows the fact that their Galaxy Round phone was nothing more than a failed experiment, however the later one which was known as LG G Flex came out as one the successful curved screen phone, and this is mainly because it was not just durable, but it also came up with the most distinctive and innovative feature known as self healing. Self healing allowed LG G Flex to overcome all the minor scratches on its body within a period of few seconds while it is also durable enough to sustain different kinds of physical collisions, hence allowing it to be the most reliable curved screen phone which can be placed anywhere without the fear of any kind of damage. LG G Flex is surely one flexible phone, and this is one of the reasons why it was loved by the masses.

By considering their previous failure, now Samsung is all set to launch another curved screen phone which is surely different from their predecessor, as the new one now has a curve along its axis, similar to the G Flex. The best news about this is that Samsung has finally got its new patents for curved screen phone display, and it seems that this time this curved screen phone will surely dominate the market, as Samsung will try its level best to beat LG G Flex in every way, as that’s the only way they can convince the crowd towards their curved screen phone.

Samsung has published several images of their patented design on their own website, however they haven’t unveiled specifications of the phone yet, but one thing is for sure that it is surely going to be one high end phone.

Besides everything else, all the buttons and touch function keys will retain their old spot and will also work in a similar way along with all the other main components, but still there is a whole lot to find out regarding the new curved phone by Samsung.

This new Samsung Curved display phone might come in the second or third quarter of the year, and all we have to do is to wait and find out what this new Samsung Curved phone has to offer.


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