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Samsung Moving Towards Tizen OS

Samsung Moving Towards Tizen OS

Samsung Tizen OS

Moving towards a new operating system for its devices is really not a new thing for Samsung, as they have tried this thing previously a number of times. Samsung is trying its level best to come out of the complicated Android system, and this is one of the reasons why they have launched a set of Windows Phone and Bada OS based phones, but it seems that till now nothing have suited Samsung well then Android, and this time they are trying to switch towards Tizen.

Tizen is basically an open source Linux Based OS that is developed among the cooperation between Samsung and Intel, hence allowing Samsung to come up with its very own operating system just like Apple. We are really not sure what Intel is going to gain / do from this OS but we definitely know what Samsung is planning to do. The most amazing thing about Tizen is that it is developed with bits, pieces and merger of Intel and Samsung’s own Operating system which are known as Meego and Bada respectively.

Tizen is planned not only to go with Smart phones, but they are also looking forward this software to be the part of tablets, camera and everything that might need software for its operation. The expectations of Samsung from Tizen are surely very high, as they are planning to use this software in their every device electronic device.

Samsung is surely looking forward towards a very bold move, as they might need to work hard in order to publicize about their Tizen completely. Launching their primary Galaxy series with Tizen might also be very risky, as it might fail miserable due to bugs.

Previously Samsung didn’t had a good experience with OS other than Android, now let’s see whether Tizen OS suits Samsung well or not.




    • Lol. what to do Steve. But it seems it would still take some years before they completely switch to that, else they would be next Nokia Lumia.

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