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After Curved Display Samsung Plans for Galaxy Wrap-around Display Phone

After Curved Display Samsung Plans for Galaxy Wrap-around Display Phone

samsung wrap around display phone

After Samsung Galaxy Round, Samsung is at it again, as now they are planning to come up with a Wrap-around Display phone, which would become the part of its Galaxy Series. This new Galaxy Wrap-around display phone will be launched in the second half of 2014.

Samsung Galaxy round is known to be the world’s first Curved display smart phone, but it didn’t do that well in the market, and this is mainly because its mobility is quite difficult, and its screen might encounter a fatal damage or crack during mobility.

Galaxy Round was just a prototype which allowed Samsung to know that curved displays won’t survive in day to day encounters, and this is one of the reasons why they have moved towards Wrap-around display screens.

Wrap-around LCD is basically a three sided display which wraps around the edges of the device. Besides that, these screens will also act / operate independently, hence allowing users to get the very first multi tasking display screen.

Samsung calls this technology “Youm”, which allows it to come up with flexible display screens. Mr. Berkeley who is the vice president of Samsung’s display lab demonstrated a prototype of this type of display and said that such type of technology will help the company to come up with bendable, roll-able and foldable displays.

It is evident that Samsung is on the path of innovation, as they are ready to bring everything in the market that has been rumored 3 years back.

Samsung has surely paved the way for other mobile phone manufacturing companies to come towards this technology, as people are looking forward towards more innovative products rather than brand or style.


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