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Samsung Galaxy S5 is Equipped with Bigger Battery and Faster Charging Technology

Samsung Galaxy S5 is Equipped with Bigger Battery and Faster Charging Technology

Galaxy S5 battery charging

One of the worst things that are found in Smart phones these days is the poor battery timing and even longer charging duration, and this is one of the things that Smartphone giants haven’t overcame.

People these days normally complain about how bad their phone’s battery life is, and they are looking for best possible alternatives to solve this problem, but finally in Galaxy S5, people will get what they have been looking for!

The company has announced that their Galaxy S5 will be equipped with a bigger battery and a faster charging technology that will not only allow the charge to last in your phone for a longer period but it will also allow it to charge at a much faster pace, which is surely one of the biggest reasons why you should go with S5 if you are looking forward towards a phone with a larger battery size, than S5 is surely the best choice for you to go with.

As per the recent report, Galaxy S5 is going to be equipped with a much larger battery of 2900 mAh (Samsung Galaxy S4 has a battery size of 2600 mAh) along with Fast charging technology which would only take 2 hours for a battery to get fully charged, hence becoming the best choice of the people who are always on a move.

Most of you might be thinking that 2600 mAh battery is surely huge and would last a whole lot longer than the current S4 and almost every other Smartphone that is in the market these days, however there is a downside of all that. The New Galaxy S5 would be comprised of a 5.25 Inch display screen along with a screen resolution of Quad HD which is surely going to consume a whole lot charge than the current phones too, so we cannot say exactly how much extra this new 2900 mAh battery can offer you, but still it is going to be better than other phones in every way.

Besides everything else, their new battery is also built on a technology that will allow the battery to store around 20% of more energy without increasing its size, hence allowing it to last much longer.

This is surely one of the most attractive features of S5 that will surely entice the crowd which are just fed up with their phone’s battery timings, and the time they take in recharging.


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