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Samsung Galaxy S5 broke S4’s First Day Sales Record From 30% to 100%

Samsung Galaxy S5 broke S4’s First Day Sales Record From 30% to 100%

Few months back, almost all the tech analysts predict that the Smartphone sales in 2014 won’t rise more than 10% till the end of the year, and this is because the market has become almost saturated after 40% rise in sales of the previous year.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 was launched on 11th April 2014, and till now it seems that it has proved all these tech analysts wrong, as the first day / initial sales of Samsung Galaxy S5 are more than 30% to 100% as compared to its predecessor Samsung Galaxy S4.

Company launched Galaxy S5 in 150 countries, and the response from each and every country is overwhelming, as the sales of S5 has broken all the previous records, and as per the enthusiasm of the customers, it seems that it will continue till the end of the month, till now S5 is out of stock in a good number of markets. The exact number of sales in unconfirmed.

Samsung Galaxy S5 is surely one impressive handset, and definitely most powerful as compared to any of the Smart phones that are in the market. Other than impressive specs, Galaxy S5 also offers some of the best default apps that are not offered by any of the Smart phones, hence allowing them to be an extra added attraction in the eyes of the people.

As compared to other markets, the Mainland Europe is known to be the one where the sales of S5 is witnessed to be 100% more than its predecessor, hence allowing those markets to run out of stock at a much faster pace. In some markets, S5 has witnessed sales of 200 units within an hour. It is clear that this Galaxy handset is encountering a big demand and supply gap, as the orders for this phone has already reached in millions.

Other than Europe, it also seems that the demand of S5 is also very high in Australia, as most of the stores are already out of stock.

Till now, we are really not sure about the exact number of sales at the moment, but what we know at the moment is that, the sales of this Galaxy Unit has reached to a new altitude.

We have surely witnessed long queues of people waiting in line to get their hands over the all new Samsung Galaxy S5 especially in Netherland and France. Now all we have to do is to just wait and watch how well this phone does in near future.

Anyways do you Know Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom is already planned to be launched on 29th of April?


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