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Samsung Galaxy S5 to be Launched in London in Mid – March

Samsung Galaxy S5 to be Launched in London in Mid – March

samsung galaxy s5 london launch

Surely a whole lot is expected from Tech Giants in 2014, as they have made a whole lot of promises in terms of innovation in Smartphone industry.

From the reliable sources it has been confirmed that Samsung Galaxy S5 is to be launched in mid – March in London, says one of the most credible Italian Journalist Flavio.

Previously rumors had it that Galaxy S5 is planned to be launched in 1st Quarter of the year, and with Flavio’s statement it has been confirmed that those rumors were actually true. However its features and design aren’t confirmed yet, but one thing is for sure that it would be something worth a note.

Most people believe that Galaxy Wrap-Around curved display phone will become S5, but nothing is for sure, especially when their previous project regarding curved screen (Samsung Galaxy Round) came up as an all rounder failure, therefore Samsung might not risk their Flagship S5 in this regard.

There are approximately 2 months left in S5’s launch, and any solid rumors or reports at this point can be considered as true, as the current rumors and reports confirms previous rumors hence allowing people to get prepared for the upcoming Galaxy Flagship phone.

Even there are only around 2 months left in its launch, people are still not clear about the new S5’s design or features or what new features t is going to accumulate, and it seems that Samsung is planning to surprise the audience by not disclosing each and everything about their phone, and we just hope that this secrecy should be worth it.

So all what we can do at this time is to wait and watch what new rumors Galaxy S5 has to offer the crowd, and whether those new rumors would be able to entice the audiences or not.



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