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How to Overcome Lag and Stutter Problem in Samsung Galaxy S5?

How to Overcome Lag and Stutter Problem in Samsung Galaxy S5?

Even with the most powerful processor and RAM, Samsung Galaxy S5 still lags at some points, which is surely totally not acceptable for the user, and this is because this thing only creates annoyance in user during their phone usage.

s5 lag and stutter problem

Lag or stutter is surely not acceptable for anyone, as nobody likes to wait during phone’s process and wants to do in a hurry. If the users still have to encounter lag and stutter problem in the most powerful phone, then what is the need of buying such phone?

In the following lines you will get to know about some of the characteristics of this lag and stutter problem in Galaxy S5, along with quick and effective methods of overcoming this problem in the best possible manner.


  • Phone lags between different operations. Especially when accessing or exiting different apps.
  • The process slows down during multi-tasking.
  • Phone sometimes lags when switching from one window to another.
  • Phone lags during unlocking your phone or while pressing Home button.
  • Phone lags during typing and it halts for a few seconds before typing.

Reasons of Problems

  • Samsung’s TouchWiz User interface is heavy in nature, and normally it is the reason of this trouble.
  • When a good number of heavy applications are accessed and are in operation (even at the backend).
  • Multi tasking during very low battery also causes this problem.
  • Animations might also be the cause of this problem.
  • Data syncing might also be the cause of this problem. This generally happens when the data is of vast amount.
  • Bloat ware could also be the cause of this lag or stutter in your S5.

Potential Solutions

  • In most cases the launcher is the main cause of this trouble therefore you can go with some other launcher in order to get the job done for you. Google Now and Nova Launcher are known to be two of the most reputed launchers that can be used. You can try going with them and see whether it makes any difference.
  • Turn Off the animations of your phone, as rarely they are also the cause of this problem.
  • In case your Home button is giving you problems then:
    • Double tap the Home button to launch S Voice feature.
    • Settings.
    • Now make sure that “Open via Home Key” option is unchecked.
  • Turn off automatic “Data Sync” option and check.
  • To minimize the effect of bloat ware, disable all the apps that you don’t want to use in near future. This will surely assist you in overcoming the lagging and stutter problem. You can enable those apps at anytime.   



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