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Fix of Samsung Galaxy S4 Touch Screen Problem

Fix of Samsung Galaxy S4 Touch Screen Problem

Samsung Galaxy S4 is relatively new in the market, but still there are a good number of complaints regarding to Galaxy Touch Screen, as a whole lot of people have encountered such type of issues. It is surely very irritating if your touch gives you a slow response time or doesn’t work at all.

Following are some of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Touch Screen problems encountered by its users:


  • Touch Stops Responding
  • Slow Touch Response Time
  • Some sections of the screen where touch does not work at all.

Reasons of Problems

  • Phone cache is almost full.
  • Your display screen has encountered any kind of physical damage, which has disrupted the phone’s touch screen function partially or completely.
  • Low charge sometimes also causes slow touch response.

Here is the workaround and Hardware Solution of overcoming this problem:


  • Reset your Phone
  • Remove and Reinsert battery (After turning it off). Make sure to give at least 5 Seconds delay before reinserting the battery.

If the above mentioned solution doesn’t work for you, then the next thing that you need to do is to go with its:

Hardware Solution

S4 Touch screen components

Hardware solution for Samsung Galaxy S4 is categorized into two sections:

  • Touch Screen Problem
  • Function Button Touch Problem

For Touch Screen Problem

Disconnecting Display connector

  • Unplug and Plug Display Connectors and check.
  • Now Clean on-board connector and display strip connector. After Cleaning Check.
  • Re-solder each pin of On-Board Connector
  • By Using Multi Meter check each and every component of connector. Reheat faulty connectors. If they still don’t work then replace them. Again Check
  • If it is still not working check with any other Good LCD Screen, as sometimes the problem is with the entire LCD screen not only with your phone’s touch.

Function Button Touch Problem

S4 Charging Connector Strip

  • Clean function button strip connector and Charging strip connector. Now Check.
  • If it is still not working then check charging strip connector, if it is problematic Change it, as there is nothing else that you can do in this case.

The above mentioned steps will surely help you to resolve your touch screen problem from your Samsung Galaxy S4 in the most effective manner. If your touch screen is giving you problems then it means that your phone has totally became a crippler, as you won’t be able to do anything on your phone (not even unlock the phone in any way).



  • dropped phone— Samsung galaxy S4 —
    screen went black with half second flickering upon turning on or clicking home/or power. I can answer calls.
    NOW the screen is visible behind the black looks like black scribbling on top. I can see my text from behind in big letters.
    so whats my issue??? help me please!!!

    • Hi Arron, It is clear that your screen is broken, and unfortunately there is no fix of that other than replacing that screen. You need to get a new one. If you have steady hands when it comes to electronics, you can save the labor cost by checking our S4 screen replacement method and doing it yourself, but I highly recommend that you get it done via the hands of a professional.

  • I have had the Samsung Galaxy S4 for a little over a month and it fell off of the fridge and cracked the screen. Well a week or two later my screen started to go black. Now it is completely black. The only thing I can see is my LCD light. I can hear the volume being turned up and diwn and when I get a notification.

    • Kristin, the thing is LCD screen is broken from inside, and there is nothing that you can do in this case. All you have to do is to replace it a new one. Sorry but there is no other solution than that. Though you can check our link of S4 screen replacement, if you want to do it on your own in order to save some labor cost. Though it is highly preferred that you let the tech guy deal with the replacement thing Thanks.

  • My brand new Galaxy S4 came in the mail yesterday, and I thought it was fine until a little later when the screen would become unresponsive. I could fix it by clicking the power button off and on for a little while, but I would only get so far before I had to do it all over again. Then I had to turn off my phone to get a response,and when that stopped working I had to take the battery out for about two minutes, and now not even that is working. My screen is completely unresponsive to touch,but it will show me my email notifications and all that, so the screen isn’t frozen. Any ideas on what’s wrong?
    Thank you for your time!

  • took apart s4 to replace a cracked front facing camera, that worked fine however the touch has stopped working, the back and menu buttons both work fine and the voice control, the camera i installed all working fine. The lcd doesn’t seem to be damaged because the display still looks fine, and when using svoice the phone functions properly(switching between screens and all other functions)only problem is the touch. ive tried cleaning the connector, ive tried putting the old camera back in, ive tried a soft reset as also tried safe mode and clearing the cache by holding volume up, middle button and on button. nothing seems to be working? any ideas?

  • Hi,
    I managed to wreck the screen on my S4 a few months ago, the screen was totally dead, nothing. The phone still worked, as i could hear the volume change and i could receive texts and calls, just no screen interaction at all.
    I finally got a new LCD for it. I fitted whilst following helpful tutorials on youtube. The phone still works, but once again the screen is still not working. Could this be a problem with the motherboard or even just the screen connection mounting? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  • I had water damage in my s4 and the screen was becoming unresponsive and the screen was randomly selecting icons near the bottom of the screen. I could only select apps and other icons by pressing the power button, putting it in sleep mode and then pressing it again to select the required app. I took my phone to be repaired and they changed my charging circuit board as it wouldn’t charge.I was able to charge my phone but my touch was still faulty. I got a new memory card as I thought it was a memory issue, this didn’t help. I upgraded my software to 4.4.2 but this didn’t help either. My phones touch screen is now a constant issue as even putting the phone into sleep mode and back on again doesn’t help. How can I resolve this touch screen issue? thanks

    • As the phone is water damaged in first place therefore i recommend that you remove the body of your phone and clean all the traces of water or moisture on your board, also use blow dryer for few seconds. Secondly I also recommend that you should unplug, clean and re-plug display connector (clean both on-board connector and display strip connector), replug and check. If it still doesn’t work then check with any other display, your display might have become faulty.

  • Hey , i need help ! I dropped my phone , Galaxy Note 3 , and the touch screen doesnt work . Well i cant use my fingers, but the pen works . Its tiring that i can only use my phone using the pen. Sny suggestions?

    • Remove body of your phone and unplug, clean and replug your phone’s display connector as well as on-board connector. Also make sure that none of the touch screen components are damaged or broken. You can check this via multi meter.

  • Attila Gereg

    So the screen on my S4 mini is cracked, the phone turns on and all but all i see on the screen are little patches and stripes of color, can i fix this or what can i do?

    • Sorry Atilla your screen is broken black patches and color strips only appears when your LCD screen is broken. You need to replace it with a new one.

  • Hi. I have no idea what happened to my phone however just yesterday after some kind of lag delay of some part while texting, my touch screen completely stopped working. I did not drop it, wet it, or damaged it (I checked) and yet it still does not work. I even got desperate and tried a hard reset option and that still did not solve my issue. What happened? Every other function works perfectly fine but now my touch screen is not responding to my touch.

    • The only thing that you can do at the moment is that remove the body of the phone, unplug, clean and replug the display connector. Clean both on-board and display connector. This might do the trick. But make sure your phone is off before you attempt that.

  • My gs4 dropped and the screen is black and has some faded green lines. What can I do? Plz help me ?

    • If it has faded green lines and is turned black then you need to change your LC screen, as the old one is broken from inside. However you can unplug and plug display connector and check if any thing changes. There is a very little hope, but still there is no harm in trying it.

  • Hello, I am having problems with my touchscreen. It seems that when I use the keyboard, as I’m typing, the touchscreen responds to buttons I haven’t pressed. I turned on the visual Feedbacks for touchscreen interactions to see if it’ll show me anything and as I press the lower portion of the screen (about where vbnm keys are at, it shows in also pressing the very bottom of the screen which I’m not. Any ideas on how to fix? I can always send a pic if my description is confusing.

    • Well David here is a quick tip, give your phone to your spouse or your friend and ask them to type in the similar way you do (after turning on visual feed backs) and see whether your friend is having similar problems or not while typing in your phone. This is just to check whether you are pressing buttons really hard or is the problem is with your screen. Now the next thing that you should do is to give your phone a hard reset, clear cache of your phone and check.. If it still fails then open your phone body, unplug, clean and replug display connector (clean both strip and onboard connector). This will surely help you in resolving this problem.

  • Hi, i recently had my screen fixed and now the screen is having problems, i wont use it and i see that it starts by itself and the keypad rarely works, when i want to type the phone starts putting in letters and wont stop

    • It seems that your phone is water damaged. You need to remove body of your phone and clean all the traces of water damage and moisture on your phone. Also gently heat all the components with the help of a heat gun, and I hope it will be good to go.

  • I was cooking wearing half paint that doesn’t have pocket. So I just put my galaxy s4 slightly half part inside the half paint to hold it and I was listening music. So my phone display was touching my body(skin) and as I told half top part of screen was inside half paint. After cooking for 45 minutes I realised that my phone screen was slightly sweaty on top part of the screen. I tried to turn on the screen it was just some time flashing green and gone to black screen but even music was playing well phone call were coming. And immediately I started to heat my phone screen with the help of clothes ironing in it. Now display is fine can watch movie and also screen is responding but PROBLEM IS THAT AROUND 1/4 PART OF SCREE ON TOP IS NOT RESPONDING and even I am feeling lag on touch, I mean scree is responding slow. Also sometime it works on top part as well but mostly doesn’t work. I don’t have any idea and as well my warranty is expired. So is there any way that I can do…… Help me plz. …

    • Sagar who uses Iron or heat the screen? At first it was water damaged, but your “screen ironing” has completely destroyed your screen. In order to overcome this issue you need to replace your screen, as the phone screen is damaged.

  • ,hi..the touch screen of my s4 is stopped working when it become sleep,i mean when the backlight is off..but when i remove the battery and reinsert it.when i turn on my phone.the touchscreen was working.but as i said earlier,when the back light has turn off,the touch screen stopped working again..what should i do?

    • Jessy just go with a firmware update, this will do the job right. Besides that, also turn Off Smart stay feature and then recheck.

  • I have replaced Digitizer and glass on S4. But does not work even though phone is turning on with lights and sound. I have tried LCD on another S4 and works fine.
    What should I do.?
    If you say to resolder connector how? because is so small..
    hope you can help

    • Well the thing is you have to resolder the on-board connector, as that’s the only problem I think you are going through. However i recommend that you should clean the connector and check again. Else you need to do soldering. If you think its quite small for you then let it be done by a professional. Don’t mess with the soldering process if you don’t have any hands on experience over this.

  • Hi..i’ve been having a prblem with my samsung s4..just recently after a long night that i charge my phone and unplugged to use it..not so many hours after that my phone went completely blank i mean it gets dark and the only clue that it still on is bcoz of the blinking of color in the upper left side of the phone that indicates that ive had a message or something..but if i try to press the center button or even the back button nothing happen.and also even i do click the on and off butto nothing happened..that really scares me off bcoz this phone really expensive and its been only 4months that ive been using i did try to open the back and get thw battery off then put it again and on the gadget but nothing i waited several minutes like 10 to 15 before doing it again..and it on..i just wanted to know what’s wrong or any idea why these happening to my phone..thanks

    • Xiindz don’t worry these things happen, its not that unnatural act. Phone’s do act this way, so you don’t need to worry about that. However if it starts to happen frequently then it is the case of worry. This also happens when you have accessed too many heavy applications, and all of them are running at the back end.

  • 3 days ago the bottom of my screen (samsung s4) stopped working from about the space bar down I have to turn my phone on the side to type which is a pain.. I tried removing the battery but it didn’t work.. is there anything I an do to fix it? I have no idea about phones so please in simple instructions

    • I’ll try to be as simple as I can. The first thing that you need to do is to go into display settings and from there toggle between “Auto Rotate screen” check mark. . If that doesn’t work then leave that box unchecked. As you said that you don’t know anything about phones, so call in any of your geeky friend and ask him to remove the screen of your S4, and then unplug, clean and replug display connector. Also clean onboard connector as well and then check. If that doesn’t work then change your S4 LCD Screen, as the problem is in your LCD screen not in other parts of your phone. However i also recommend that you should update your phone and check.

  • Nabeel Ahmed

    I have dropped my s4 and the screen is partly black with purple dots. There are no cracks on it. The screen is working fine when i touch it. Everything is working fine but the black screen. Will I need a new digitizer? Please help me as this is my first time!!! thank you.

    • Nabeel it means that your screen is broken from inside, as you see black and purple marks on it. In order to overcome that you need to change the entire panel, as your digitizer is in perfect condition but LCD is broken from inside . My Friend you have a big expense coming your way!

  • Hi i recently replaced the screen on my Galaxy S4 and i continue to get a black screen with no light up. i know the screen works because i swapped the mother boards with the other S4 i had “same models” and no problem at all. i have cleaned the connectors double checked all of my connections when installing and still the screen does not come on. is it possible the power supply in the mother board has went out? Thank you for any help.

    • Well i recommend that you should connect that screen to the old motherboard again and check whether screen is working or not. Well if you have already done all that then i would recommend that you should resolder your display onboard connector and check. If you have a multi meter you can check the status of your motherboard.

  • Sorry, what exactly do you use and in what way do you clean the display connector, Isopropyl and Q-tips? I’ve got some 70% IPA Alcohol wipes?

    • No you don’t need to use any cleaning liquid, simply use QTips or just a cotton cloth that will do the job right and also check for any traces of moisture on the board, as sometimes even if your phone has not encountered water damage you will still might find traces of mositure and it happens due to when we handle our phone with wet or damp hands.

  • Jonathan Banks

    Hi so I need help. My phone has been dropped and that caused some cracks.happened about a month ago. My phone has been working fine up until a couple of days ago the cracks started to spiderweb. I ordered my replacement screen a week ago. Now for the problem, last night my phone died after working just fine all day, when I got home to charge it and it started turning on 75% of the screen has this weird green color and won’t work touch wise but the top 1/2 of the touch works. I have taken apart the whole thing and cleaned everything put it all back together and still the same. Is that a broken digitizer??

  • Hi so my phone has had a crack in the screen that just spiderwebed all over from two different drops. It has worked fine up until tonight. It was sitting on the table all day until the end of the night when I was playing on it.(everything worked fine). Well the battery died. When I got home I put it on the charger and the bottom half of my phone only showed a green color. Top half had some display with only the top 1/2inch working touch wise…. I tried working on it from some YouTube knowledge but that didn’t work very well. It works the same as before I started working on it. clue what to do..?

    • Well what different things you have tried so far? Anyways Jonatha it seems that your Display screen is totally out now, and you need to get a new one. However i will still recommend that you should check it with any other display in order to make sure, otherwise it is your display that needs to be changed.

  • Hello,
    Here my case :
    My S4 i9505 dropped in the water, so the motherboard had some problems.
    I decided to buy a S4 with a broken LCD so I could take the motherboard for a “cheap price”; I received it and I installed it on my i9505, the sound, the screen works, but the touch screen doesn’t answer.
    The both touch buttons works too.
    I tried with my faulty motherboard, and the touch screen works.
    Do you have any ideas ?

    • You need to make sure that the board actually belong to i9505 not of S4 Active, as Active support different type of LCD screen. Besides that, you also need to clean the connectors and also check whether your screen is damaged or not.

  • Hi! My daughter dropped her Galaxy Samsung 3 and completely destroyed the screen. The phone will still charge and the blue light still comes on but that is it. I will be very honest… I am a tech novice so I am not sure what to do. She told me to just buy her a new screen and she could replace it but I’m afraid there is more going on because the phone shows no signs of life except for the blue light when it is plugged up. She wants to backup her photos, etc and debugging is off (that’s her main problem apparently) so I’m confused as to what to do. She now has a new phone but is trying to recover her info on the broken phone. Do I just need to buy her a screen or something else? I’m trying to keep the cost to a minimum as she has a new phone anyway. Thank you in advance for any help.

    • If she has simply dropped it and shattered the screen, then all you have to do is to replace the screen. However for that blue light, I am a little bit confused. Amy please send me picture of that broken screen when the phone is off and also when charger is connected (when you see blue screen). There is another check for that, and I recommend that you do that first: S4/S4 screen comprises of a digitizer (which can also be said as a front glass), remove that broken pieces completely and check any traces of scratch or damage from the inside of the screen in order to know the actual damage.

  • My Galaxy S4 went through the washer. I dried it out completely and the phone works, but the screen will not light up. Any ideas on what exactly needs to be repaired?

    • If your phone went into the washer and it is still working then you are a lucky guy! Screen light up as in you are having back light issue right? If it is then all you have to do is to change the back light IC and this will overcome the problem. But before that make sure you check your entire board thoroughly for any traces of water damage and also check all the capacitors in order to know where the problem really is

  • Hi, I was in the middle of texting someone when suddenly horizontal stripes appeared on the screen of my Samsung Galaxy S4. I switched the phone off and now when I switch it on the led lights up, sound all works but the screen is black. I plugged a USB MHL to HDMI cable in and connected it to my tv and I can see the phone is working on the tv. It appears that the phone’s screen and touch screen are simply dead. Any idea what could have caused this and what I can do? The phone is not in warranty. I saw a youtube video of someone using a heat gun on the motherboard. Would you advise this? I would be most grateful of any assistance you may be able to give.

    • Well the first thing that you need to do is to unplug, clean and replug Display Connector (clean both on-board connector and display connector), it might work for you. If your phone is working when connected with TV, then it means that the problem is in the screen. You need to replace that. Well you can try that “heat gun” thing, it is of no harm, but in this case it is also of no use. But if you are planning to go with it then don’t apply heat for more than 2 seconds!

  • hi. my s4 got wet recently it fried the mother board but i got that all replaced but nw it comes on and all jst nothin works on the screen te side and bottons work, thanks in advance

    • Well water not only fried your board but it also damaged your screen. You need to get that replaced too. So technically you have bought the entire phone.

  • Neeraj Challana

    Any chance you are going to get time to answer my question Peter??

    • I get hundreds of queries on daily basis, and it is not possible for me to reply to each and everyone immediately. I follow FIFO method, and I try to reply as much as I can. Have patience my friend.

  • Hello. I’ve had my Galaxy S4 for about 6 months. I was playing some games, my phone was in my lap, and fell about 1′ – 1 1/2′ to the ground. The menu, back, home, volume (up and down) and power button works great. The only issue I’m having is the screen being completely unresponsive to touch. I can still receive texts, calls, IMs, etc.. I just can’t respond to anything. Is there any way to fix this without having to replace the LCD/digitizer? If so, how would I go about this?

    • P.s.
      It’s a model SCH-I545ZKV 32GB
      All I have done thus far is perform a soft reset, remove the sim and sd cards, and dust the back out with some compressed air.

    • All you have to do is to remove body of your phone and remove, clean and reconnect display strip. This should do the job for you. Anyways did you tried restarting your phone?

  • Hey guys

    My touch was not working at all after i replaced the glass. Checked these connections and still no good.

    I had to take off the circuit board and look under the LCD cable. There was a connection that had slid out completely. So glad i dont have to pay $200 :D:D:D:D

  • Hi Peter,
    You are doing a great job by helping people like me. I dropped my phone a while back and recently having the complete LCD replaced, the phone is having touch issues. The touch is jumpy and erratic. I thought it was the software (CM 10.2.1), but it got worse after going back to stock. As an example: when typing something, sometimes the screen freezes and other times it types the random word many times with just one tap. Also sometimes, the screen just refuses to recognise anything for a few seconds.

    Can you please advise anything before I take it back to the repairer?

    Thanks very much,

    • HI! Sorry I have been busy that’s why i was not able to respond back. Neeraj it is the clear case that you are using a copy LCD screen, and in most cases OEM also gives the same problem. You need to buy an Original S4 screen.

  • ben newhouse

    My girlfriend broke her lcd bought a new one and plugged it in to her motherboard and it lights up but the touchscreen didnt work so I plugged the new lcd into my phone and everything worked fine any solutions

    • the new one you bought Ben was a Copy LCD screen. You need to buy original. Copy LCD screens always tend to give such problems.

  • Hi Peter,
    I dropped by s4 a while back and recently after getting it replaced, the touch has been jumpy and erratic. e.g. sometime it does not recognise any touch on the keyboard and other times it just writes multiple random alphabets on one touch. I tried to enable “Show touch” and sure enough the touch just hangs in one place and does not recognise at other time. I am going back to the repairer next month (i live in a different city) but in the meantime, can you suggest anything?

    Thanks very much

    • Besides that, I also need to ask whether your last LCD screen was completely broken? Like you weren’t getting any display? or just crack. If your previous screen was still turning, did it gave you touch problems like the current screen?

      • The screen did not light up at all after the drop (it was a crack under the digitizer) but was working perfectly before that.

        • Thanks. Well if it is a crack under the digitizer then it means your LCD screen is out of order and you need to get it replaced (no other option). That drop has broken the LCD screen of your phone.

  • ben newhouse

    My girlfriend dropped her phone and broke the lcd so bought a replacement but when I plugged it into the main board the screen turns on and works but the touchscreen was unresponsive. So I opened my phone and plugged the new lcd into my main board and it was fully functional Any ideas on what the problem could be.

  • Hey i dropped my phone this afternoon and the screen is not cracked, but the display is completely black, and if i wake it up, the screen flashes on about the top third of the screen just random white pixels and the touch buttons light up. It still blinks blue when i have a text message and it rang when someone called. I tried restarting the phone (makes start up noise but still black screen) and removed the battery to no effect except changing the pattern of pixels that flash when it wakes up.
    Also do you know how long the warranty lasts? I got my phone new from AT&T in the middle of november

    • Warranty lasts an year, so it means that you still have many months in your hand. However does not cover screen / LCD damage, but you can still try your luck out. If Samsung says that this thing is not included in warranty then i recommend that you should remove body of your phone, unplug, clean and replug display connector, I hope this thing will work for you. Else you need to replace your screen, as the LCD must be damaged from inside.

  • Ңօla! I’ve been following your weƅlog for a lonɡ time now andd finally got the bravery tо go ahead and give you a shout out from Dallas Texas!
    Just wɑnted to say keep up the great job!

  • Hi, my problem is that i cant double-tap my phone. When i’m playing temple run, i cant double-tap d screen. I already check the auto Adjust touch sensitivity. This all happens after my phone is updated.

    • This is surely a software problem. Which OS you are running now? And did you get the new update from OTA or Online? Secondly If the double Tap problem is only with Temple Run then there is a problem with this game not anything else, Check for Temple Runs update. Update your Game and it will work fine or leave a complaint message on Temple Run’s board.

  • Hi, my S4 suddenly stopped working. The display shows nothing. When I hit the power button it flashes a green screen once quickly and then goes dark (black), I can swipe to unlock and use “s voice” but no display, it remains black. I have not dropped the phone ever, it is in an otterbox defender case and it is only 4 months old but out of warranty as I bought a Certified Like New (huge mistake) phone. No cracks on the screen, no visible damage. I can receive calls as I know where to swipe to answer or reject a call. Please advise thanks!

    • The very first thing that you need to do is to remove body of your S4 and unplug, clean and reconnect display screen and check. In most cases this has done the job right. If it fails then check for any traces of moisture on your phone, as sometimes one can find traces of moisture even though your S4 didn’t get wet. If you can still swipe then it means your touch is working perfect, its the display screen that matters. If everything else fails then you need to replace your screen, and also check whether your LCD is OEM, First Copy or original.

  • I bought s4 mini about a month ago and suddenly the touch screen is not working. I had wanted to replace it but the sound the screen lights are working just that some the of the numbers as well as the alphabets are not, please, what do i do to keep my phone.
    thank you.

    • Is that a new one or you bought a used S4? If its new and a month old then i will recommend you to not to do anything and show it to your Samsung Customer service as it is in warranty. However if you bought a used S4 mini then i recommend you to remove body of your phone and unplug, clean and replug your display connector and check.

  • So I have a problem with my screen, i’m doing things on my phone and suddenly for like a second or two the touch screen does not respond to my touches at all, sadly I got the phone last year some time, do you recommend anything?

    Thank you.

  • Stephanie

    Hi ! Last week I broke my SGS4 glass then I’ve tried to replace it myself, bad idea ! The screen went totally black but the touch was responsive. Then I went to buy a bif kit 260$ lcd+digitizer, everything was working fine for 2 days, afterthat screen was working but the touch was not responsive anymore, I went to the seller and tried with another new lcd…same thing ! He couldn’t help me about it but can you ? 🙂

    • Stephanie you must be buying OEM or 1st Copy Screen, what you need to do is to buy “Original” LCD and Digitizer. When it comes to smartphones there is a whole lot of difference between an OEM screen and an original one. A good number of people have complained about the similar thing that their touch is response or less response after screen replacement, and the only reason behind it is the OEM or 1st copy screen

  • I had a broken S4 screen…a bought a brand new glass screen from a friend and had my friend replace it…however it’s not responding to when I touch it. It will make the sounds to when I touch it, but won’t open when I swipe and etc. When we removed the screen, the digitizer still worked and responded to touch, but as soon as I put that new screen back on, it doesn’t respond…can it be the screen that’s the issue? what can I do?

    • Tracey this is because that new glass must an OEM or First copy. You need to buy Original Glass not OEM Glass, that’t the only issue. Get an original one and you will be able to resolve this issue, and that’s totally strange. S4 is not supposed to make any noise in this case.

  • jon dickerson

    Dropped my gs4 in the toilet (im an idiot)…I dried it off and the touch works and the screen turns on however when I turn the screen off it has trouble coming back on.

    so when I power on the screen is black. Then it goes thru the boot up and stays black. Then if I keep hjtting thw function button the screen will flicker on and eventually work fine. Is there any way I can get this to worl normally again?

    • Yes remove the body of your phone and clean all the traces of water damage on your phone’s board. Unplug, properly clean and replug display connector. Besides that, gently heat your phone’s board with the help of a heat gun (heat blower / hair dryer can also get this job done). After that, if your screen isn’t damaged then it should work fine.

  • I went to use my s4 only to realise that the screen was coming up with green dots all over it, they would disappear when i would press the lock button and appear again when i pressed it. Now the screen is black all the time; calls and texts still come through though. Is it best to send it away to get it fixed?

    • First remove body of your phone then unplug, clean and replug display connector. If that doesn’t work for you then you should send it to get this thing fixed, as sometimes this process gets the job done for you.

  • Hi

    i`m facing a touch screen issue on my new samsung s4 – i9505.

    The mobile looked fine, but when i try to select any icon on the left side of the main screen it doesn`t select or open. when i try to write a message and try to select the letter “a“ it selects twice plus the letter “s“ as well.

    i never dropped or damaged it in any kind of way

    the problem is that it was bought in the UK and now i’m living in Brazil, bottom line I don’t have right of warranty here. how can i proceed in this case?

    • Please check your screen sensitivity and also turn off auto screen rotate. And are you sure that your finger is not touching “S”? I simply recommend you to remove back case of your S4, unplug touch display -> clean touch display connector and on-board connector re-fix and check. If that fails too then i recommend you to check with any other good LCD screen.

  • I broke the digitizer to my galaxy s4 and replaced it with a completely new OEM Galaxy S4 for my screen put it all together and the touch screen isn’t responding, how can i fix this problem or should i return to sender?

    • You need to go with Original ones not the OEM screens. OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer and they take license from the manufacturing company, but the thing is OEM screens doesn’t work well, as they respond way much slowly. But in your case it is not responding at all. I recommend you to first remove display strip, clean onboard connector pins (also your screen’s display strip) re-fix and check. If that doesn’t work then return it to the sender.

  • Rachelle Rivers

    Hi. I had an accident last week which caused my S4 glass to shatter. Surprisingly the LCD was fine….until tonight. I ordered a replacement screen kit from Amazon and was planning to change it myself as I have before. However, before I even started the procedure I remove a piece of glass in the top right corner which cut me previously. The phone was off at the time but I returned the battery just to check the time. The blue light came on but nothing else. Previously when my LCD was broken the touchscreen functioned (buttons lit up, swiped to answer calls…etc) but it was just hard to see because of the ink spreading. This time there is no sign of ink or functionality. Without warranty would I have to pay someone to change the whole screen again or do you suppose it’s a connection issue or something?

    • Rachelle the problem could be anything. There are following things that you need to follow:
      1. Make sure that your phone battery is charged. 2. Remove all the pieces of broken glass and examine your LCD screen with the help of torch light, check for any scratches and damages over the LCD Screen. 3. Unplug display connector and clean both display strip and on-board connector, afterwards re-plug and check.
      Point number 2 is really important, so make sure that you check it from every angle with the help of torch light. This should do the job if your S4 LCD is still fine.

  • Valentina

    hello!The touch of my phone is not working just became unresponsive to swipe.What should I do?

    • Remove body of your S4 and remove and re-fix your display connector. If that doesn’t work then take a heat blower (you can also use hair dryer) and gently heat display connector’s surrounding components and check. If it still fails then check with any other working LCD screen.

  • Hello,
    I dropped my galaxy s4 last night and now the screen won’t respond to touch. I can get calls and texts, I just can’t unlock the phone. I’ve already tried resetting it and taking the battery out multiple times. Now what? Please help!

    • Remove body of your S4 and remove and re-fix your touch screen connector, if you are lucky than you will resolve this problem in that manner. If that doesn’t work then take a heat blower (you can also use hair dryer) and gently heat display connector’s surrounding components and check. If it still fails then check with any other working LCD or take it to the nearest Samsung’s service center.

  • Hi I was listening to music one day and then my s4 (i337) just became unresponsive to swipe. I took off the glass screen and when I turn on the phone the LCD displays perfectly. Its just the swiping isn’t working. Is it possible to get a glass screen with the digitizer and not a new LCD?

    • It only became unresponsive to swipe or anything as well? and the thing is you can’t just replace glass? You need to replace entire panel in order to get this thing done. However if you only go with glass replacement (which is quite risky) you might find issues like slow touch response, no touch response or any other thing related to that. In order to overcome this issue you need to replace entire panel.

  • Hi,i just shange de complete tape of my s4 ,buy on ebay,new.175us cost to me,now the touch dont respond,but the cracked screen works,wath happen with the new one,thx

    • Rick unplug your display and touch strips, clean them properly, replug and check, if that doesn’t work then check with any other display screen.

  • nick lang

    the lcd turns on but the lcd plug in does not trigger the touch screen right?

    • Okay Nick what I want you to do is to open your Samsung Galaxy S4 and unplug, clean (both display strip and on-board strip properly), replug and check. Now the next thing that you need to do is to re-solder your on-board connector for which you need a soldering gun. Don’t try if you don’t have any kind of soldering experience. If you want to avoid this step (soldering on-board connector) then check with any other good and working LCD screen. I hope this works for you.

  • nick lang

    i have the same problem as thomas but no waranty how do you fix this problem

  • Darian Collins

    My phone works pretty well because I can text and talk and tap things except only when I have it sideways, but when I am using the long side I can’t tap on the setting tools on my samsung galaxy s4 active and I got it 3 weeks ago

    • I guess it might be manufacturing fault, you should contact Samsung Service regarding that, and don’t try to do anything on your own, as it will void the warranty. They will get this thing done for free.

  • Hey please help me, my galaxy screen display stripes, what’s the name of the connector that i have to change ?

    • Hi! It’s simply called on-board connector, and you don’t need to change the connector, you need to re-solder it that’s it! Besides that, don’t go with soldering directly, first unplug, clean (both display strip and on-board connector), replug and check. If it doesn’t solves the problem then resolder your on-board connector, but it is a good idea to check it with any other working LCD first, else you need to do that either.

  • Hey, I got my S4 a little wet and the top of my screen works but the bottom does not. please help.

    • Josh the damage has already been done. You need to get your screen replaced. However i also recommend you to try this method, as it might work as well. Remove display of your phone and clean your LCD’s on-board connector as well as strip connector, as they might be water damage. If you have a soldering gun with you re-solder on-board connectors and check. If all that doesn’t solve the problem then i am afraid there is no other solution than to replace your phone’s screen.

  • I just had a phone repaired, as the screen had cracked. After the repair, the proximity sensor and the camera “fails” to work. Can this be fixed?
    Thanks in adv.

    • Molly were these problems before you broke your phone’s screen or it just happened afterwards? If these problems have happened afterwards then you can get it done for free from the repairer who fixed your screen. Definitely these problems can be fixed.

  • I just recently replaced my Glass screen and now my “touch” sensitivity is all over the place what went wrong. my digitizer seems to be fine LCD I’m not too sure if I should reboot my phone

    • Well this happens when you get a Copy glass replaced with the original one. Make sure that the screen is original, as if it is not either Touch response becomes very slow or the sensitivity becomes very high. Also go into settings and status of your touch sensitivity. I hope this solves the problem.

  • ? I just replaced the glass to a galaxy s4 and now the screen doesn’t light up but the phone turns on

    • Unplug and replug display connector and check. If you have any other good working LCD with you then check it in first place, so that you may know the actual cause of problem. If Backlight IC on new LCD doesn’t work either than you need to resolder or replace your on-board connector

  • Hi. I bought my s4+ yesterday, and now suddenly the touch doesnt work?!:/ I can get the screen on, and the volume is working.. The buttons in the bottom is also responding, but the touch screen doesnt respond when Im trying to take the pin code, or just scroll over the screen.. I bouht it yesterday, WHAT TO DO? Ihave tried to take out battery etc……..

    • If you have bought it yesterday (just a few days back) then it must be in Warranty. I recommend you to contact Samsung Service Center asap, and don’t do anything on your own, just get it fixed from them, else you might void the warranty if you try to do it on your own.

  • I dropped my phone in water, got it out within 10 seconds or so. I vacuumed the water out, and it works fine, I can receive and send texts and calls, but the touch screen is slow to respond, sometimes totally unresponsive. What can I do? My husband said the digitizer may need to be replaced (he’s done this before for a tablet that got broken). Any suggestions?

    • If only your touch is giving you problems then all you have to do is to unplug and clean your touch connector as well as on-baord connector properly with the help of a cotton cloth and cotton bud, as that is the issue that is caused by water damage. Besides that, also clean other components with the help of a cotton bud and also clean all the parts where you see traces of water damage. This will surely do the job for you!

  • about a 1/2 inch line of space near the bottom of the screen horizontally doesnt pick up swipes or respond to input when the selected icon is too small in certain apps. ex the like button on fb or instagram. once i scroll and the icon is nolonger within that 1/2 in field i can select it. keyboard works fine unless swipe gestures are enabled then input is ignored for anything within that field.

    • If only a specific area in your screen is not responding then your LCD is surely faulty, you need to get it replaced. Although you can try cleaning your display strip and on-board connector, if you are lucky enough then this “cleaning part” will resolve your issue 🙂

    • I have exactly the same problem you’ve described… Were you able to fix it?

      • Yes! All you have to do is to just go step by step, make sure you have firm hands and do the entire procedure gently.

  • I have a i9505 that is water damage recently…
    Then phone boot up but the screen isnt displaying n the touch is malfunction.
    Sometimes is has a green fading color appeared.
    Tested with new lcd n is working.
    My question is,can i do anything to revive the screen?
    Cleaning with isopropyl? reheat the lcd ic??

    • Ronald if this new LCD is working perfectly, then it means that the older screen has its days numbered. Now the only thing that you can do is to sell out that water damaged LCD screen of i9505, as it is still in operation therefore it still has some worth.

  • Jennifer Pruitt

    I turn on my galaxy s4 and the screen blinks two bars at the top and bottom. The sound and lights above and below turn on but the display stays black.

    • Jennifer give a hard reset to your phone, and if that doesn’t work then take it to the nearest Samsung Service Center, as it is S4 and it must be in warranty till now. So you don’t need to do any kind of experiments on your phone, just take it to the service center and get it fixed for free!

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