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How to Solve Samsung Galaxy S4 Speaker Problem?

How to Solve Samsung Galaxy S4 Speaker Problem?

Samsung Galaxy S4’s speakers doesn’t go out that easy, as normally they are well protected in the cover, but that doesn’t really mean that they are invincible. Obviously they are more prone to any kind of physical or water damage just like every other component of the phone.

Speaker of the phone is considered to be one of the most vital sections of your phone, and this is because if you are giving speaker problems in your S4, then you will neither be able to hear anything on call, and neither you will be able to listen to any of the songs or watch videos on your phone, however it will only be good for texting purpose. Therefore if you are going through S4 speaker problem then you would definitely want to resolve it in first place before it gets any worst.

Following is the set of S4 speaker problems, reasons of these problems, workaround and permanent hardware solution of these problems.


  • No sound in S4 speakers.
  • Low sound in S4 speakers.
  • Distorted Sound.

Reasons of Problems

  • Speakers are faulty.
  • Too much dust on the speaker’s diaphragm, causing low sound or distorted sound.
  • Your OS might be outdated.
  • Connection between speaker strip and on-board connector might be loose, hence causing any of the above mentioned issues.
  •   Any of the coils of on-board speaker connector might be faulty.
  • Audio IC might be the cause of this problem.


  • Check volume level.
  • Restart your phone and check.
  • Update your OS.

Hardware Solution

s4 on board connector and coils

  • Remove and re-plug speaker strip.
  • Check connection between 2 coils and on-board speaker connector (2nd and 3rd Pin). If any of the coils are faulty, replace them.

s4 audio ic

  • Reheat Audio IC. If it is still not working then replace it.
  • Replace Speaker and check, as speaker might be faulty itself.

Often it happens that a simple restart is enough to get the job done right, and when the issue is resolved by a simple restart it means that your phone have might gone through a small glitch or it could be the sign that your phone is going to encounter such type of speaker problem in future as well. In such case, normally a simple restart does the job done right. However if software solution / workaround fails in overcoming this problem then the only option you have in order to solve this problem is via hardware solution.


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