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How to Solve Samsung Galaxy S4 SIM and Memory Card Problem?

How to Solve Samsung Galaxy S4 SIM and Memory Card Problem?

Encountering SIM and MMC problem is known to be one of the most common issues found in Samsung Galaxy S4, especially the MMC problem. When your phone’s SIM is giving you problems then you will only lose your network connection, however MMC problem can become the cause of several other problems including hanging your phone, data not saving, pictures not saving in phone etc. and for a lot of S4 related problems, one recommend that he should go with removing or formatting MMC card, hence allowing to overcome all that.

In the following lines you will get to know the solution of SIM and MMC problem in your Samsung Galaxy S4. Both workaround as well as hardware methods are defined in detail.


SIM Problem:

  • SIM Card not inserted error message.

MMC Problems:

  • Memory Card not found.
  • Not able to store data in MMC.
  • MMC not accessible.
  • Not able to read MMC.

Reasons of SIM and MMC Problems

  • SIM card might be faulty.
  • Error in network services (Service Provider side issue).
  • Dry soldering of SIM card contacts.
  • Discontinuity between SIM power line and capacitor.
  • Capacitor may be faulty.
  • Dry soldering of SIM and MMC on-board connector.
  • SIM card slot has encountered some sort of moisture or is physically damaged.
  • Rust in the contacts of SIM card or SIM jacket contacts.
  • MMC is corrupt or has some sort of virus (Data is corrupt).
  • MMC is faulty.



  • Restart your phone and check.
  • Change SIM card and check.


  • Remove and reinsert memory card.
  • Scan your MMC via Antivirus and check.
  • Back up your Memory Card and Format, afterwards recheck.
  • Check with any other working memory card.

Hardware Solution for SIM and MMC Card

s4 sim card mmc

  • Re-solder all 6 SIM card contacts.
  • Check continuity between SIM Power line (Mentioned in picture) and capacitor, if capacitor is damaged replace it. (P.S. If you are not able to replace capacitor, then replace the entire SIM Card and Memory Card Strip.)

s4 sim mmc onboard connector

  • Re-solder on-board connector of SIM and MMC Card and check.

One of the best things about this problem is that it is highly likely that you will get over this problem simply by following the above mentioned workaround solutions, as most of the time the problem is with SIM card contacts, SIM card or MMC itself, so it is highly recommended that one should go with workaround solutions first before planning to jump into the hardware.



  • I tried all of the above mentioned but Getting Sim Card not inserted problem as well when i checked my Imei by *#06# and its saying null/null . Base-band version = Unknown
    It was working good before , suddenly got both of issues 🙁
    please help

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