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How to Solve Samsung Galaxy S4 Screen Smearing Problem?

How to Solve Samsung Galaxy S4 Screen Smearing Problem?

Another problem that a number of S4 users have reported is the Samsung Galaxy S4 screen smearing and ghosting problem. This is another issue that a good number of users have reported, and this is yet another manufacturing fault. S4 is known to be one of the phones that have received a plenty of negative reviews due to its manufacturing faults, while some users in China have also reported that there S4 posses low quality chips. This problem could be either due to software or hardware issue, but still the real cause of this problem is unknown, and this is mainly because the solution isn’t found for this problem yet.

s4 screen smearing

In such situation, one of the worst things that you can do is to go to a repair center and try to get it repaired, as going with a third party repairer will definitely void the contract, hence Samsung cannot be held responsible to overcome this problem for your phone.

Let’s have a look at what different problems people are encountering with their S4 when it comes to Smearing and Ghosting problem:


  • Phone encounters smearing and ghosting issue when scrolling in menu with a black background.
  • Purple Haze on the grey bits of the phone’s menu and on other locations in S4.
  • Red shade on black.
  • Ghosting effect becomes more noticeable when brightness is turn down.


  • Try going with Screen Adjuster application in your Google Play Store, as some people have reported that they have overcame S4 Screen Smearing problem simply by using this application. However you can also try going with other screen / display related apps in app store, as they can also solve this issue. This is mainly because such type of apps allows you to adjust the colors of your screen as per your needs and desires and they also come up with some of the finest option that will give an extra charm to your screen.

Potential Solution

  • For Red Shade / Tint problem, Samsung has already launched an OTA update and it has resolved this issue, however the screen smearing / Ghosting issue isn’t resolved yet.
  • Another solution for this is that you can unplug, clean and re-plug display connector, as this is also able to solve this problem in most cases.

No matter what the issue is, but Samsung is surely going to resolve this problem completely, either by Software update, some minor hardware tweaks or by replacing your Samsung Galaxy S4.


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