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How to Solve Samsung Galaxy S4 Rear Camera Problems?

How to Solve Samsung Galaxy S4 Rear Camera Problems?


  • Blurred image.
  • Camera failed error.
  • Black screen after camera is accessed.
  • Your phone hangs when camera is accessed.
  • Pictures are not saving.

Reasons of Problems

  • Blurred image normally occurs due to dust over camera lens or if the camera lens is scratched you will encounter similar issue.
  • Running multiple apps and opening your camera at the same time might result in hanging your phone.
  • Your SD Card might be faulty.
  • Third party camera related apps are interrupting with rear camera’s function or your third party camera apps are outdated.
  • Camera in-turn might have become faulty.
  • Any of the camera related components or even Camera IC might have become faulty.


  • First restart your phone and check, if that doesn’t solve the problem then reset your phone.
  • For hanging problem – Close all the running applications before you access your camera and check.
  • Remove all the third party camera related apps and check, as sometimes these third party camera apps also become the cause of different S4 camera hanging problems.
  • Wipe the entire cache of your phone and check.
  • Problem might also be with your SD Card, remove and re-insert your SD card and check.
  • If the above step fails to perform then check with any other working SD card.

Tools Required

  • Plastic Separation Tool (For disassembling).
  • Star Screw Driver (For disassembling).
  • Soldering Gun.
  • Heat Gun.
  • Jumper (Copper Wire to be used in replacement of faulty coils).

Hardware Solution

s4 camera lens

  • For blurred image clean your phone’s camera lens from inside.
  • If the camera lens is scratched or damaged then replace camera lens glass with a new one, but make sure to perform this procedure gently, as the glass is quite delicate in nature.
  • If you are encountering black screen issue then remove and fix rear camera and check.

s4 connector, diode and resistor

  • Clean and re-solder your rear camera on-board connector and check.
  • If your camera still fails to perform then check with any other working camera.
  • Now check Resistor – 1, Resistor – 2, Resistor – 3 and Resistor – 4. If any of them is faulty then replace it.
  • Now replace diode, you need to replace it as you cannot check whether it is faulty or not.

s4 camera ic, capacitor and coils

  •  Now check connection between Resistor – 1 with Capacitor – 1 (Capacitor – 1 is at the other side of the board).
  • Check Capacitor – 2 and Capacitor – 3, replace if any of them is faulty.
  • Now check Coil – 1 and Coil – 2, if any of them is faulty then replace it. You can also use Jumper wire instead.
  • Now the next thing that you need to do is to heat, remove and re-fix Camera IC and check. If it is still found to be faulty then replace it.


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