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Samsung Galaxy S4 Random Reboot Problem and Solution

Samsung Galaxy S4 Random Reboot Problem and Solution


samsung galaxy random reboot problem

Samsung Galaxy S4 was launched in April 2013, and this is possibly the very first Samsung phone that came up with a good number of technical problems, mainly due to manufacturing or software faults or glitches.

One of the biggest and the most common technical problem that was found in S4 was Random Rebooting problem.

In the following lines you will get to know a brief detail about this problem followed by its different possible solutions.

S4 Random Reboot Problem

A good number of S4 users have reported the random reboot / restart issue in their S4, and the worst thing is that it can happen at any time and at any moment. This is surely not an application issue, as this thing happens at any time even if the S4 is placed idle. But still we can’t be sure, as sometimes even when the application is closed it keeps on running at back end and it might be causing such types of problems.


Following are the different possible solutions in order to overcome this random reboot problem:

  • For most people a simple software update gets the job done right.
  • If the above step doesn’t work for you then update all of your apps simply by:
    • Access Google Play Store.
    • Access “My Apps”.
    • Select “Update All”.
  • Open your S4 in Safe Mode and check, if you do not encounter random reboot problem in safe mode then it means that any of the installed apps are the cause of the problem. Now access your phone in Normal mode and uninstall all the possible apps that you think might be the cause of the problem, keep on uninstalling them until you find the app that is causing this problem. But before doing that try to calculate the time interval between each random restart so that you may have the idea when to uninstall next app, afterwards check your phone’s status.
  • Your SD card might also be the cause of this problem, as it has been reported that a bunch of Galaxy S4 problems are mainly caused due to the usage of faulty SD cards. Remove your SD Card and check.
  • If all of the above steps fail then it might be due to power button or volume button problem, as faulty power button or volume buttons can also cause similar problems. Check and change your volume buttons and power buttons then check.


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