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How to Solve Samsung Galaxy S4 Power Problem?

How to Solve Samsung Galaxy S4 Power Problem?

One of the biggest issues that anyone can encounter in his Samsung Galaxy S4 phone is the power problem. This is mainly because if your phone is encountering power problems then definitely you cannot do anything in this case, as your phone won’t even power ON, hence forcing you to fix this thing at the earliest, else your phone would be of no use to you or for anyone else. Normally it happens that the power problem has something to do with your battery or battery terminals, and if the battery is the cause of this problem than you will surely be very lucky, as you only need to change the battery to overcome this problem, and you don’t need to go into the phone’s hardware components.


  • S4 not turning ON.
  • S4 Powers off at Boot screen.
  • S4 Heats up even when power is off and does not power on.

Reasons of Problems

  • Battery of S4 might be faulty.
  • Battery terminals of S4 might be physically damaged.
  • Battery contacts might be rusted, hence causing power problem in phone.
  • Battery terminals could be water damaged.
  • Any other components of the phone are physically damaged or water damaged, hence causing any of those problems.
  • Capacitor “C1”, Power IC or components of power IC (surrounding components might be faulty).
  • Voltage might be lower than 2.8V at power buttons causing this problem.


  • Check battery charge.
  • Check with any other good working battery.


s4 power button problem

  • Clean battery terminals if they are water damaged.
  • Re-solder battery terminals.
  • Check entire board for water damage, if some components are water damage then clean it and replace all the water damaged components if necessary.
  • Check phone button for any water or physical damage. To check power button all you have to do is to:
    • Check voltage at power button after placing both multi-meter nodes at power button points (It should be 2.8V).
    • After that, press power button to check continuity, at this point the voltage shown in multi meter is 0V, as Circuit is closed.
    • Another method to check status of power button is to check Capacitor “C1” with power button point, change capacitor if faulty.
  • If your power button is working fine but still you are facing similar issue then check capacitors surrounding power IC whether they are short or not. If they are short, replace.
  • Now reheat power IC, if that doesn’t solve the problem then re-ball it.
  • If the above step fails then replace Power IC.


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