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Samsung Galaxy S4 Overheating Problem And Its Solutions

Samsung Galaxy S4 Overheating Problem And Its Solutions

s4 overheating problem

Besides other problems, one of the most common problems faced by Samsung Galaxy S4 is overheating. Most people think that overheating problem occurs mainly due to faulty battery, battery connectors, charging IC etc. but the fact is, this S4 overheating problem can also arise due to software errors, faulty applications and even due to your SD card.

A whole lot of people have reported that their phone heats up during:

  • Browsing.
  • Accessing media apps.
  • Playing games.
  • Watching movies.
  • During calls.
  • Taking Pictures.
  • Random usage.

Severity of Problem

Overheating problem is surely one of the most serious issues that your S4 can encounter, and this is mainly because when the phone heats up it also damage other components of your phone, hence decreasing overall life, performance and functionality of your phone. If you do not overcome this problem at the earliest then you might have to face a whole lot of faulty capacitors, resistors, coils, other components and even IC of your phone.

In the following lines you will get to know the solution of S4 overheating problem:


  • This also happens due to corrupt application or the ones which are not updated. Now all you have to do is to:
    • Access Google Play Store.
    • Update all the apps that show that they are ready for an update.
    • After updating all the apps re-check, if you find that any of the app that is not updated even you have updated all the apps then uninstall and check your phone’s status.
  • Media Server could be corrupt – Take back up of your SD Card and format it, re-insert SD card in your phone and check. Other than Random rebooting issue, SD card might also be the cause of overheating problem in your phone, hence it can be said that SD card is surely the reason of several S4 problems.
  • It could also be a software problem, just go with an OTA update (if available), as it can also solve this overheating problem.
  • Shut down any applications that you are not using, as sometimes when you use / access multiple apps at a time then your S4 might heat up. If it is not the case then it must be a hardware problem and you need to report your Samsung service center at the earliest in order to resolve this issue.
  • If your S4 has encountered any kind of water damage recently then it is highly recommended that you should go to the service center, as water damage also becomes the sole cause of overheating.




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