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Samsung Galaxy S4 Gold – Is Samsung Copying Apple Again?

Samsung Galaxy S4 Gold – Is Samsung Copying Apple Again?

Samsung Galaxy S4 Gold

How can we forget patent fight between Samsung and Apple in 2011 that was resolved in the court of law in favor of Apple, and Samsung had to pay Apple a sum of $1.00 Billion for the patent infringement. From that point the rivalry between Samsung and Apple became an official one!

Now it seems that Samsung is at it again, and this time they are planning to Launch Samsung Galaxy S4 Gold similarly like iPhone 5S Gold.  However the only difference between iPhone 5S Gold and Samsung Galaxy S4 Gold is that iPhone 5S Gold is fully golden, while Samsung Galaxy S4 Gold will only have a side strip in Gold Color, while the rest of the phone would be in its standard color. Besides that, rumors have it that this golden strip in S4 might actually be pure gold.

The images of Galaxy S4 Gold immerged on MSN Arabia’s twitter which gives the credibility of its launch in near future, but it seems that it will only be launched in UAE and other Gulf countries.

When it comes to its specifications, most probably there will be no change in them, but it is surely going to capture the Arab market, and people from other parts of the world will also be trying their very best to get their hands over it .

S4 Gold might not be similar to 5S Gold, but it is evident that the idea of launching Gold colored phone is absolutely stolen, as S4 Gold news just came out as a big surprise for everyone!


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