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How to fix Samsung Galaxy S4 Front Camera?

How to fix Samsung Galaxy S4 Front Camera?

Front camera is surely needed the most when you are looking forward towards taking a self shot or to have a video call with your friends, family or loved ones. Sometimes it happens that your Samsung Galaxy S4 front camera fails to open or give any other problem regarding that, and when any of such problem arises, you are not able to perform any of the functions that you do with front camera of your phone (or the usage becomes very limited).

Following are some of the problems that you might encounter with your S4 front camera:


  • Your phone gives “Camera Failed Message” when accessed.
  • Your phone shows Black screen.
  • Your phone hangs when you open Front Camera.

Reasons of Problems

  • One of the reasons for camera failed problem could also be low battery issue.
  • Cache memory of the phone might be causing this problem.
  • Front Camera strip might have a loose contact or the on-board connector could also dry soldered.
  • Continuity issue in your phone’s tracks.
  • Any of the components might be faulty, and most of the time simply heating them resolves the problem.


  • Restart your phone and check S4 front camera.
  • Verify that your camera is not having the issue of low battery, as sometimes “Camera Failed” error message comes when your battery is lower than 30%
  • Take back up of your data and remove Cache memory if you are facing Black screen or Camera hanging problem.

Hardware Solution

S4 front camera

S4 Front camera and onboard connector

  • Check S4 front camera strip for any lose contact. Unplug and Plug it. If it is still lose, then check it with some other front camera for lose contact.

S4 remove camera

  • Re-solder each pin of On board connector.

S4 front camera components tracks and connector

  • Trace the entire track from on board connector to the connector’s components in order to verify the continuity.
  • If there is discontinuity in tracks, place a jumper.
  • If components are faulty then gently heat them, if that doesn’t solves the problem, change the components.

If stars are in your favor then the above mentioned workaround method would be enough in order to make your S4’s front camera working again, else you need to move towards its hardware solution. Before you plan to do that, make sure that you have a good hand in soldering on-board connectors, else you might damage your phone permanently and you might need to get a new motherboard.



  • Dirk Jungewelter


    I would like to give my impression to what i found. First i realized the camera hang up problem, two weeks before I broke my S4 display. I ordered a new display. On disassebly i found my front-camera also damaged. The lense was splitted up from the ccd sensor. I took some pictures with use of a stereoscopig soldering microscope and found the bonding wires on the border of the ccd chip totally messed up and destroyed/broken. In my oppinion, there is the possibility, that already vibrations on the lense chassis can cause this problem. The chassis is flexible and glued quite near to the bonding wires, so that they can touch each other.

    If you like i can provide you the pictures. Just let me know.

    Best regards,

    • Hi!
      Thank you Dirk for this useful piece of informational. I haven’t experienced that before, so I am not sure about this, and please do send me those pictures, that will be really very nice of you and will also help me in understanding the entire thing. But in my opinion I guess the wires were destroyed / broken down when your S4 display encountered physical damage.


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