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Solution of Samsung Galaxy S4 Flash Light Problem

Solution of Samsung Galaxy S4 Flash Light Problem

Samsung Galaxy S4 problem is surely a big one especially for the people who are more into photography. No doubt, Samsung Galaxy S4 posses one of the best cameras among the Smartphone these days, but its lens is surely not able to overcome the darkness or dim light of the surrounding, and anyone who is willing to take pictures in bad or low light with his Samsung Galaxy S4 surely needs the assistance of Flashlight, hence allowing them get excellent and high quality pictures even in bad light conditions.

If you are into dusk photography or if you don’t want bad / low light to trouble you while capturing the moments then having a Flashlight problem is surely troublesome for you. However sometimes it happens that your flashlight is On by default and is not turning off by any means even when the phone is turned Off, this thing surely consumes your phone’s battery on massive scale, so in short if you are not that much fan of photography you will still need to overcome this problem at the earliest.

Let’s have a look at all the possible problems as well as solution of Samsung Galaxy S4 Flashlight problems:


  • Flashlight not working.
  • Flashlight not turning off.

Reasons of Problems

  • Flashlight itself is faulty.
  • Flashlight capacitor is damaged (either water or physically).
  • Power IC capacitor might be short or water damage.
  • Charging dock connector or any of the on-board components might be short or water damage, hence causing the above mentioned problems.


Following are the manual solutions of Samsung Galaxy S4 Flashlight problem:

  • Go into settings and check whether it is ON or OFF.
  • Restart your phone.

Hardware Solution

Following are the hardware solutions of Samsung Galaxy S4 Flashlight problem:

s4 flashlight capacitor and charging dock connector

  • Check Flashlight Capacitor for any physical or water damage. Replace if damaged.
  • Change Flashlight and check.

s4 power ic capacitor

  • If the above steps doesn’t work then all you have to do is to check Power IC’s capacitors for short or any water damage. If they are replace them.
  • Check Charging dock connector as well as other on-board connectors for short or water damage. Re-solder them if they are short, if water damaged clean them.

These are the quick method of resolving Samsung Galaxy S4 flashlight problem in the best possible manner, normally the flashlight is found to be faulty or the phone is water damaged hence causing this kind of problem.


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