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How to Solve Samsung Galaxy S4 Display Problems?

How to Solve Samsung Galaxy S4 Display Problems?

One of the worst problems that you can have with your Samsung Galaxy S4 is its display, and this is mainly because of the fact that if you are having display problems, especially blank display then you cannot do anything with that phone, as you will not be able to see anything, hence you won’t be able to do anything and there is no temporary solution for that.

Display problems in phones are surely considered to be one of the worst ones, and this is because a person has to do something on immediate basis in order to overcome this problem, and the worst thing is that this is known to be one of the most expensive repairer solutions as compared to others.

Following are some of the S4 display problems:


  • Blank display on S4.
  • Lines on Display screen.
  • Abnormal Colors on S4 display screen.

Reasons of Problems

  • LCD screen of Samsung Galaxy S4 has gone through some sort of physical damage (most of the time this is the case of Display problems in S4).
  • LCD screen of phone or the phone itself might have encountered any kind of water damage.
  • Software is outdated.
  • Display connector might be loose, causing any of the above mentioned problems in your phone’s screens.
  • LCD might be faulty itself, and you need to change that in order to overcome this issue.
  • On-board connector might be water damaged or faulty.


  • Check Screen Brightness.
  • Go for a Software Update. (but this should be considered as a last resort)

Hardware Solution

s4 display strip on-board connector

  • Unplug, clean and re-plug display strip (along with connector).
  • If the above step fails then check with any other good working LCD screen.
  • Replace on-board connector and check.

In case the problem is with your phone’s LCD screen (which is of 90% of the time), the only solution you have with you is to buy a new LCD screen, which is surely very expensive and will definitely drain your pocket out. However if only the front glass of your screen is broken, but LCD is perfectly working from inside then you can get some cash in its exchange from your local repairer, as if the LCD screen is perfect from inside, it is still of good worth.

Mobile phone repairers can sell their stock of broken LCD screens on and can get best possible prices for their damaged LCD screens. The company also offers them free shipment globally.



  • One of my friend has a problem with his screen going black. I mean the phone neither turns on and it when he turns in the only thing that he gets is the model no. Of the phone . Once he plugs it into charge there is only a sort of roind figure on the battery and it doesnt show that it is charging. He tried different chargers but it isnt working

  • Hi my Samsung galaxy s4 screen isn’t responding I’ve tried turning it of and taking battery out what else can I do to get it to respond please help

  • Ann Onnimus

    Hi, I’ve got a question. The screen on my s4, this morning, had the entire lower half of the screen gone totally black. Touch sensitivity still worked, though… as long as I used apps that I remembered where I needed to touch to activate what I needed activated, I could still use the phone, make calls, etc. A few minutes and a couple reboots later the blackness sort of lifted, but I say sort of because the phone display is flickering a LOT in the same area that it had gone black…. very erratically, like there’s a loose connection.

    No, I did not drop the phone, and the glass is pristine. This literally happened while the phone was sitting on my bedside table overnight; the phone seemed fine yesterday.

    It has always been a little more stubborn about touch items in the lower half of the screen, come to think of it (which always made texting and sudoku a pain)… if cleaning the display connector doesn’t work, is it likely that the display assembly will require replacement? Unfortunately, I don’t have access to a spare display assembly to just check, and I’d hate to blow $200 on a new display assembly if that isn’t very likely to be the problem….

    • As after reboot your screen acted a little bit better than before then it means the problem might not be with your display screen. I recommend that you remove back cover and body of your S4 and unplug and clean both on-board connector and display connectorand re-plug the display connector, and also check for any loose connection. Other than thatalso check your entire phone for any traces of moisture, as this could also be the reason of this problem. In case you find moisture clean it and also blow dry it for few seconds then check. I hope that works for you. Besides that, Ann I also need to know is your S4 rooted?

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