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Samsung Tries to Cover the News after Samsung Galaxy S4 Caught Fire

Samsung Tries to Cover the News after Samsung Galaxy S4 Caught Fire

Galaxy s4 burn

It seems that Samsung’s products aren’t reliable anymore, as in Canada Samsung Galaxy S4 caught fire during charging.

However the worst part about this news is that, instead of apologizing, Samsung tried to bury this news by silencing the customer.

But it seems that, all the efforts put in by Samsung Canada to strangle the customer’s voice went in vain, as they were not able to stop him to post YouTube video in which there is clear evidence that Samsung Galaxy S4 caught fire while charging.

The strange thing about this Galaxy S4 on fire is that the battery didn’t explode, but it literally destroyed the rest of the phone hence making it totally useless. However the phone was still under guarantee therefore the owner of that S4 directly contacted Samsung for replacement.

After the customer’s request for phone replacement, Samsung Canada made one of the most amateurish demand in which they said to him that he has to put down that YouTube video first if he is willing to have a replacement phone.

The Company’s official letter states that, if he is willing to have a replacement phone, he needs to remove his YouTube video, all his statements and comments regarding this matter. Besides that they have also asked him to cease creating any more videos regarding all that and they want themselves to be exempted from any kind of legal responsibility in this matter.

But it seems that the S4 guy refused to follow their terms, as he posted the second video after that in which he told Samsung has asked him to take his video down. By Far, this video has attracted more than 750,000 viewers.


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