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How to Solve Samsung Galaxy S4 Camera and Gallery App Problems?

How to Solve Samsung Galaxy S4 Camera and Gallery App Problems?

Samsung Galaxy S4 is surely an exceptional Smartphone, but it came up with a good number of issues, and one of these issues is Camera and Gallery app problem. S4 users have reported strange actions of their phone camera and gallery app, and these actions / problems are mentioned below:

s4 camera and gallery problem


  • Camera and/or Gallery app does not load.
  • Camera and/or Gallery app crashes randomly.
  • Camera refusing to take pictures.
  • Gallery not displaying pictures properly.

Possible Manual Solutions

  • The very first thing that you should do is to restart your phone and check.
  • If restarting your phone doesn’t do any good to you then go into:
    • Settings.
    • More.
    • Application Manager.
    • All.

And after going into “All” category, go into Camera app or Gallery app (whichever is troubling you) and “Clear Cache” and / or “Clear Data”. But before doing that make sure that you Force Stop them first.

  • If the above step doesn’t work for you then all you have to do is to wipe the cache partition of your phone and check. After you wipe your cache partition, your phone will be restarted automatically.
  • Just like a good number of issues, this issue also happens due to Micro SD card inserted in your phone. In order to overcome that, remove SD card from your phone and restart it. After restarting it check the respective app that is troubling you (Gallery or Camera app) that whether it is working or not. If this solves the problem then this issues was due to your SD card.
  • Besides everything else, some users have also reported that this issue was resolved after they have installed the third part app related to camera or gallery. So you can try going with this option as well.
  • This Camera and Gallery app issue also arises due to any corrupt or outdated third party camera or gallery app. Update all the camera and gallery related apps and check, if that doesn’t solves the problem then uninstall all the camera and gallery related third party apps.
  • Restart your phone in Safe mode and check camera and gallery app that whether they work or not.
  • If all the above fails then it means that your phone is going through a hardware issue rather than a software issue. The problem could be in Camera module or it could simply be a loose connection.



  • Can you rewrite thus for the average lay person? Force stop? Partitions? Do we have to be computer techs to get our phones working?

    • Hi. Thank you for your question. Force Stop is actually the button that stops the application irrespective of what function is being performed by that app at the moment.
      Partitions are just like the HDD partitions in your computer. It simply means the data is saved in different designated sections of your phone.

      Thank you for bringing this up, please do let me know what else should I explain, I’ll try to do the at the earliest and in the most simplest way. 🙂

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