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How to Solve Samsung Galaxy S4 Camera and Gallery App Problem?

How to Solve Samsung Galaxy S4 Camera and Gallery App Problem?

s4 camera and gallery app problem

Another common problem that has been reported by a good number of S4 users is media related. But one of the best things about this is that most of these problems are resolved manually or by going with some software update.


  • Camera and gallery application not starting.
  • Camera and Gallery app crashes randomly and at any point, even though none of the other apps are in use.
  • Camera refuses to take pictures.
  • Gallery apps not displaying some of the photos or not displaying them properly.

In the following lines you will get to know about the solution of all the above mentioned problems.


  • This problem could also be SD card related, therefore the very first thing that you need to do is to remove your SD card and then try to take pictures and access your gallery, if everything is fine then change your SD card if not then SD card is not causing the problem.
  • Go into:
    • Settings
    • More
    • Application Manager
    • All
    • Go into problematic Camera and Gallery app
    • Press Clear Cache and Clear Data. (If the app is running then Force stop it and check)
  • Clear Cache of your S4, as sometimes cache also becomes the cause of the problem. After the cache wiping procedure is done then your phone will restart automatically. Previous step was to clear cache and data of the specific app, while this method is used to clear the entire cache data of your phone.
  • Remove any of the third party camera and gallery related apps, as they could also be the cause of the problem. But before removing them, try updating them first, as sometimes the apps that are not updated also become the cause of similar problems. If that doesn’t solves the problem then remove all those camera and gallery related apps.
  • You can also try going with scanning your SD card and phone with the help of a good antivirus program, as your SD card or phone might have encountered any kind of virus and this might be causing the problem.
  • Try restarting your phone in Safe Mode and check whether the problem persists or not. If it is also troubling in that as well then there are strong chances that your phone might be encountering some sort of hardware issue.
  • If every above mentioned thing fails then it might be the hardware issue. In order to overcome this problem the very first thing that you need to do is to remove body of your S4 and check whether it is the problem of loose connection or not, as sometimes it also happens due to that. Else your phone might be encountering some other hardware issues.


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