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How to Solve Samsung Galaxy S4 Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Problem?

How to Solve Samsung Galaxy S4 Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Problem?

Normally we all encounter different Wi-Fi and Bluetooth problems in our smart phones from time to time and the best thing about this is that most of the these problems can easily be resolved by simple manual solutions.

Following are some of the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi problems that you might encounter:



  • Weak Signal
  • Internet packets are not transferring (No Browsing / Downloading)


  • Device not found
  • Device not pairing with the other device
  • Data not transferring even after pairing.

Reasons of Problems

  • Wi-Fi device might be faulty.
  • Device might be set as invisible.
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi antenna might be faulty or are dry soldered.
  • Any of the components might be faulty
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi IC’s capacitor or IC itself might be faulty.


For Samsung Galaxy S4 Wi-Fi Problem

  • Go into Options, Turn Wi-Fi “Off”, then “On” again. After doing that Check.
  • If the above step doesn’t work then restart your phone and Check.

For Samsung Galaxy S4 Bluetooth Problem

  • If you are not able to find the other device or if your device is not found by the second device then check the visibility status. It can be checked by going into the Bluetooth options.
  • If it is not pairing then, try multiple times, as sometimes it takes a little longer for the device to get paired with each other.
  • Now in case if the data is not transferring after device pairing then restart your device and try again.

Hardware Solution

The Hardware solution for Galaxy S4 Bluetooth and Wi-Fi problem is similar, as both of them have similar antenna and circuit. Now in order to fix your Galaxy S4 Bluetooth and Wi-Fi problem via hardware method, all you have to do is to:

s4 Bluetooth and Wifi Antenna

  • Clean Bluetooth and Wi-Fi antenna. If it still doesn’t work then check with any other good antenna.

S4 Wifi and Antenna contacts capacitor and coil

  • If the above step doesn’t work then Re-solder Bluetooth & Wi-Fi antenna Contact, then check again.
  • Check the entire track of the antenna going towards its coil and capacitor, if the track is broken place jumper.
  • If the above step doesn’t work then check the coil and capacitor with the help of multi-meter. If they are faulty change them. If it doesn’t work then:

Wi-fi and Bluetooth Power IC Capacitor

  • Check Wi-Fi and Bluetooth IC capacitor for any damage, as it might be the cause of the problem.
  • If all of the above fails then gently heat the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth IC, if that doesn’t work then change the IC.



  • thanks for the info, wifi works now after i cleaned the antenna

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  • zeeshan ahmed

    after I got my screen replaced my wifi will not turn on. Is it a software or could be a hardware problem? and what could be the possible solution?

    • Hi Zeehan. Wifi and screen are not connected with each other, therefore the repair guy who has replaced the screen caused this problem. Do contact that repair guy and make sure to get it fixed for free, as it was working before. Though if you have dropped your phone (reason why you need to replace the screen), then the fall might have caused the issue (highly possible), hence you need to get it fixed.

  • hi ,i have galaxy s4 I9500
    sometimes wifi and bluetooth connections are not working. even if i restart my phone then only bluetooth works for ashort period.After some time it also stops kindly help me to solve this problem.

  • crazydane

    Really useful guide. On my s4 one of the top wifi antenna contact has come off. Can this be soldered back on or something? And if so how do I avoid damaging the other components on the board?

    • I couldn’t get what you mean’t by top Wi-fi antenna contact. Are you referring the one that is displayed in second picture? If you are talking about that then yes it can be resoldered back. If you only resolder antenna and do nothing else on your board then none of your boarrd’s components will be damaged.

  • Jaime Luna

    I have a problem with my S4, I can’t turn on the bluetooth and the WI-FI has very bad signal. Do you thing it is a hardware problem?

    • Maybe – Maybe not! You can find workaround details in this article :

      If this work around method fails, then you should go with hardware solution. If you don’t have any experience in soldering then i will recommend that you should remove body of your s4 and clean antenna contacts as mentioned in figure, and then check. I hope that works for you. Also try cleaning your cache first.

  • Thank you so much! I pulled my phone apart and i didn’t have the connections reaching properly. THANK YOU!

  • very good info helped me fix wifi just cleaned the area of antena thx

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