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How to Overcome Samsung Galaxy S3 Power Problem?

How to Overcome Samsung Galaxy S3 Power Problem?

One of the most common problems that every smart phone has the battery drain issue, and most of the time this “battery drain” issue become the source of power problem in these smart phones. Just like in every other smart phone, Samsung Galaxy S3 power problem is also one of the core issues that come with this phone.


Following are some of the common Samsung Galaxy S3 power problems:

  • S3 not turning ON.
  • Phone powers OFF again and again whenever it is on Boot Screen.
  • S3 heats up even when it is switched OFF.

Reasons of Problems

  • Phone might be out of battery charge.
  • Battery might be out of order.
  • Battery pins might be having problems.
  • Power button might be faulty.
  • Battery connectors might be corroded with rust etc.


  • Check phone’s charge at its terminals.
  • Change phone’s battery and check.

Hardware Solution

Power Off

  • Check Battery voltage and make sure that battery is fully charged (always use Samsung Original Battery)
  • Check battery connectors for water damage or corrosion, clean it with cleaning solution or you can either solder it if required.
  • Now check power button’s usual action.
  • Also verify the continuity by using multi meter at the two end of power button while pressing the connection at the same time, if there is no continuity then it means the power button is faulty.

If that doesn’t solves the problem then,

  • Check voltage across the pins of power button (it should be 2.8v), then repeat above mentioned steps.
  • If there is no voltage at button and the button looks good then check its connections as defined below:

Samsung Galaxy S3 power off capacitor

  1. Change the Capacitor near power module if it is faulty, if it doesn’t work then it is the problem with the power module.
  2. Before you plan to move towards power IC, check for all the bad capacitors. Over here you need to check which capacitors are open or short.
  3. Replace all the faulty capacitors, if this method doesn’t work then now you need to move towards the Power IC.

Power IC Problem

Samsung Galaxy S3 Power IC Chip

If all the above steps are not working then it is evident that there is a problem with your Power IC, and in order to overcome that, all you have to do is to follow the following steps:

  • Check Power on power supply (it should be between 0.02mA – 0.035mA), if not then Power IC may be faulty.
  • Reheat the power IC or replace it if possible.
  • You can also choose to go with flashing faulty IC.
  • If the ampere is in between 0.02mA – 0.035mA then it is the software problem.



  • Plz plz help me brother….
    My phone got wet in water and not its not charging I went to the service see tear and they said the sub port is corroded or something like there is oxidation on it help me with this problem plz ….
    How can I remove the oxidation from the sub port.”..
    Plz plz help me I beg u…..thanks…

    • Hi Manan, Due to water your charging port / connector is corroded. All you have to do is to replace the charging connector on your phone. Plus you also need to heat your board gently in order to remove all the water residues. Plus, also check your charging IC too. Normally charging connector will solve the issue, though if it still doesn’t work then gently heat charging IC and it will surely do the job, but first change the charging connector. I hope it helps.

  • Ferdinand

    Hi, AWESOME BLOG LOVE IT!!! I’m having a power issue with my s3 when I put the battery in the phone for a second it shows the white SAMSUNG LOGO on the screen and right after that it won’t turn on at all I recentlly replaced the power button and as I was putting it together I dropped the phone.Before I dropped the phone all I would have to do is tap the power button and it would work but after I dropped it all it does is what I described. Could you PLEASE TRY TO HELP ME OUT GIVE ME SOME SUGGESTION so that I can try to pin point the problem??? If I need capacitors which ones do I need exactly (model #)??? and how do I test for BAD CAPACITORS??? please help!!! thank you soo much for this blog 🙂

  • James Brown

    Hi Peter,

    Seems you are the s3 guru on this planet 🙂 thanks for your work and sharing your knowledge.

    My S3 firstly has problems charging. Each time I plug in the usb charger, it gives a different reading from Galaxy charging lite app.. on the charge. Anything between 0 and 1000ma depending on how many times I am willing to unplug and re plug it in.

    More recently, getting the restart loop… which appears to be the power button as if I press it multiple times, it will boot normally.

    I use a zero lemon battery and wonder if the zero lemon case may have something to do with it? And also if there might be a link between the power button issue and the usb port issue?

    Again, your genius and experience is greatly appreciated.

    • Thank you James for your appreciation! I feel really happy when I see people are getting benefited from this repair blog in one way or the other.
      To be very honest i haven’t used this app so i can’t be sure. For that I can say, just use Samsung Galaxy Original charger and you will have no problems. Don’t worry what your app says to you. If its charging fine then it is not an issue.
      For your other problem, yes it could be your power button. However this constant reboot also happens when your volume buttons remained pressed or are having some problems. So you need to check that as well. So inshort you need to check power button as well as volume buttons for their functionality. And No USB port has nothing to do with your Power button. I hope this helps 🙂

  • Peter,

    My phone started to shut down by itself recently. I try to restart it and it does the loop reboot. I know my battery is still good. I think my power button is going bad and how can I replace it? What do I need to buy?


    • This also happens when your phone encounters moisture. Remove case of your phone and try to track down any traces of water damage. In case you find it, clean it properly. Secondly check whether your volume buttons are functioning properly, as sometimes when volume buttons are faulty they also cause similar problem. Therefore you need to check both power and volume button and their functioning.

  • Hi, Peter, thanks for all your sharing here. I have a S3. One day, it was suddenly hang on a program software. I tried to restart, but it failed. It managed to power ON on Samsung word screen. Then, it’s hard to power OFF, restart or any other steps. Do you know what is the problem?

    • Hello Shirley! So is it stuck at the Samsung Logo screen and doesn’t proceed further? Is that the case? Please tell that.
      If your phone is not proceeding further than let the battery drain at Samsung logo, afterwards remove battery of your phone for few minutes, reinsert it, and let it charge for around 30 minutes before turning it ON again. Turn it ON and check. please do update me afterwards.

  • I have two GS3 T999 phones that are both having phone button issues. They both have trouble turning on and when they do turn on they act as if the power button is being pressed, the power options screen comes on, the screen turns off, the phone shuts down completely, etc. From what I have read around it sounds like the only real fix is to replace the power buttons. I have some experience with soldering (modding video game consoles mostly). This is the only site that I have found that gives much detail about replacing components like this but I do have a question. If I was to replace the power button on the motherboard it appears that it would be a matter of desoldering two pins from the underside and then simply pulling the old switch off, then I would put a new switch in and solder from the bottom again. Then cross my fingers and hope this fixes my issues. Any thoughts or comments on this process? I know they are smaller points but it doesn’t really seem like too difficult of a job.

    • Hi Nick! Thank you for reminding me about your post at our Facebook page, therefore replying you before anyone else!
      Yes Nick, however i want to ask did your phones encounter any water damage? If they did then it might also be the cause of problem. Trace out any sign of water damage around the surrounding components as well as on its button, if you find any such traces then clean it and gently heat your board as well as power button with the help of heat gun or you can also use blow dryer. Yes you are right you need to desolder the two pins in order to remove it, and as you already solder gaming consoles then you surely won’t have any problem in soldering your phone, it isn’t that difficult. However there are things that you need to consider.
      1. You should have steady hands. 2. Gently pull up the power button after desoldering with the help of a tweezer, don’t use your fingers 3. Don’t rush things up, be calm and gentle. Just do that and everything will be perfect.

  • Hi Peter, thanks for this guide!
    I’m dealing with the same problem “andhu” talked about: I try to turn the phone ON using an external power source plugged on the battery pins, when I press the ON button, about 200mA start to flow, some variations are seen (i’m guessing due to the processor starting to load drivers and stuff) but as soon as I let the button go it goes back to zero, and I never even see the screen going on. I cannot charge the phone either. I’m thinking obviously is the capacitors. Is there a schematic for the power unit? or at least do you know what value are these caps? THANKS!!!

    • Did you tried changing power button? I also recommend you to check your phone’s board for any traces of water damage, clean them if they are. Afterwards gently heat it with the heat gun / heat blower or even hair dryer will do the job. Also check with any other battery as well.

  • I have an s3 that seems like it’s running on half power. When you insert the battery the battery symbol is dull. If you wiggle the battery around a bit you can make it go brighter. Once you get it to stay bright. Once every 50 goes. It then starts up and display is fine. If the battery symbol is dull the phone starts up but it is dull and when it gets to the full screen it fades away like it doesn’t have enough power. If you press the power button again you can sometimes get it to flash. Tried new battery different lcd. Lost what to do next. Hope someone can help.

    • Battery Symbol is dull as in it is going out of power? Low battery Sign? Sorry I was not able to understand that, and If you have tried all the above mentioned things i recommend you to check Battery connecting terminals, they might also be faulty.

  • If I remove the power button entirely will I still be able to hold vol down & the home button at the same time while plugging it into my usb of my computer and get the screen that pops up which I can then go into download mode by pressing volume up it says or if I press volume down it says it will just restart my phone….

    Im basically trying to figure out if I can still power on my phone essentially if I remove the power button off my board
    I cannot find a tutorial or video anywhere showing how to replace the power switch/button on the board.

    • No you cannot turn your Phone ON after removing power button, that’s the purpose of Power Button. Besides that, power button and volume buttons are on a same strip, so you just can’t simply remove your power button and work with volume buttons.

  • Hello Peter, I’m glad to see someone of your stature in experience and knowledge helping out this way., i have the s3 sgh-1747 16gb my aunt says she dropped it from a short distance and it wouldn’t power on or sync with windows 7. After some tinkering with different chargers I was able to get the gorgeous display to show a battery charging symbol that quickly disappeared, and since that point I haven’t gotten the phone to power up. When battery isn’t present and the charger is connected the red led on the front comes on, after holding the power button down for approx. 30 seconds the red led goes out but nothing happens no gorgeous display, no vibration, no sound. Please advise.

    • Hi Matthew. Thank you for your kind words, highly appreciated! =). Matthew the very first thing that you need to do is to remove and reinsert battery in your S3, and make sure that there is no lose contact between battery terminals and battery points, if that doesn’t work then you need to re-solder your S3’s battery terminals, this will get the job done right! Please do let me know whether this solution works or not!

  • Hello Peter! Happy new year’s eve! I have a problem with my s3 similar with other ones mentioned above, the power button is very sensitive. If you just touch it, without pressing it, it turns the screen off. But, if you take the battery off for several hours (more than 4), the problem disappears for round 5 days then happens again. Do you think it’s a battery problem? Or a connection problem on the motherboard? I’d appreciate your help! Congratulations for your blog!

    • Hi Adriano! No the problem is not with your battery, but with your power button. I guess it has seen its days, and it is the time you should replace it. Just replace it and you will get over this problem. =). and thank you for your kind words. Highly appreciated =)

  • hakan cakil

    dear peter;
    firstly thank you for the information and labor. s3 phone suffered sudden death due to NAND memory error. opened with jtag. now, my phone is shuts off overheat. and the phone is opening and closing continual.
    So I gave the order MAX77686 power supply ic for samsung galaxy s3 i9300 big power management chip and
    32GB EMMC Toshiba NAND Flash Memory. How can I change them through the motherboard?How do I find a hot melt adhesive? I am waiting your idea and support.
    Best Regards

    • In order to change them simply use a heat gun or if you don’t have that with you then use a hair dryer (least preferable), after a few seconds use a tweezer to pull it out, as it is stick with glue. After you remove it, immediately add the new chip to the motherboard and also gently heat it for few seconds, so that the remaining glue / adhesive sticks with the new chip. I hope it comes out as hopeful for you.

  • hi i have gs4 no power dead phone,when i try to power it with power supply,it shows around 175mAh load on power supply, but as soon as i release the power button it drops back to zero, where do u think the problem is?
    power management?
    or any thing els??
    please reply

  • Hey Peter. I am experiencing very high sensitivity in my power button. If I slightly touch it, the screen will lock/unlock. Thouroughly cleaning of the out- and inside of the phone did not solve the issue. Do you have any advice for me what I could try to get this fixed? Should I replace the powerswitch on the motherboard (the part shown in your first picture)? Thanks~

    • Jodas the issue could be in onboard connector of your Volume and Power button strip or the strip might be faulty. Just open your S3, unplug volume and power strip, clean the strip connector and on-board connector and check. If it fails then replace the entire strip, as this might have caused due to water damage. Do update me thanks

  • hey mate, i’m pretty sure the power ic of my s3 is the culprit because it cannot be charged with or without the battery in it.. and my battery works on other s3 phones.

    so my question is…where can i buy or order power ic chips online??

    • There are a good number of websites like Amazon, eBay etc that offers high quality original parts, and some other online repair stores as well. However you can’t be sure that your Power IC is the cause of problem, as changing power IC should always be considered as the last option. Power IC not only deals with turning your phone On or charging battery but it also controls your entire phone.

      The problem could be capacitors in charging dock, Connector pin problem, Water damage at charging pin or connectors, problem with on-board connector etc. and you should consider these things first before messing up with Power IC.

  • hi i have a problem with my samsung galaxy s3 it keeps switching off and then turn in on even i dont touch the power button.hope you can give me idea on whats going on of my cp.thank u

    • Hello Ferlin! It always happens when your S3 encounters any kind of Moisture or incurs water damage. Besides that, if possible check with any other battery as well.

  • i have the same problem wondering if i could send you a pic of my mother board to see if theres something yu see. its pissin me off. my cell died the same day i was using it and the same day it stop working. please respond. please

    • Yes sure, you send me the picture of your motherboard, but it wouldn’t be much of a use, as i cannot check / test any component without having your motherboard with me. However did you tried any of the methods i mentioned in the article above?

  • hello, i was changing the power button on an s3 and ripped the left signal solder pad off for the switch (the opposite pad that is highlighted in the picture)

    is there a point i can jumper a wire to restore the buttons function?

    • No you can’t do that. Simply re solder it. But make sure you have steady hands in order to get this thing done in a cleaner way. I hope it works for you 🙂

      • thank you peter for the reply, the solder pad on the pcb was ripped off, no solder sticks to it anymore, and there is no traces around it to scratch soldermask off of and solder bridge to. there is no point near the power ic that i can run a jumper wire to?

        • You are welcome! Well I guess it needs mechanical soldering. However Sammy can you please send me the picture of your board right now? It would be much easier for me to understand the main issue and suggest a viable solution for you 🙂 or I might just write a blog over your problem immediately defining each and every phase step by step. But make sure to send me few pics with different angles, so that i’ll be able to understand the problem completely 🙂

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