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Simple and Effective methods of Samsung Galaxy S3 Network Troubleshooting

Simple and Effective methods of Samsung Galaxy S3 Network Troubleshooting

Facing network problem in your Samsung Galaxy S3 is surely a very common thing, especially after years of usage, and this is because from time to time the network hardware of S3 or any other phone worn out due to excessive usage, which might result in any of the defined problems.

When it comes to Samsung Galaxy S3 network problem, one normally encounters two types of issues, these include:


  • No Network problem.
  • Signal/Network dropping issue.

Samsung Galaxy S3 network circuit board

Reasons of Problems

  • Phone might have encountered any kind of physical or water damage.
  • GSM antenna contacts are not making proper connection with antenna pins.
  • Any of the components might be faulty.
  • SIM card might be faulty.


  • Check whether your phone is in Airplane mode or not.
  • Toggle between ON / OFF of Airplane mood.
  • Restart your phone and check.
  • Check with any other working SIM card, as the problem could also be only in your SIM card. You can also cleaning the contacts of your SIM card and recheck.
  • Update your phone and check.
  • Reset your phone to factory settings.

Hardware Solution

If all the above mentioned workaround methods fails, then you don’t have any other option than to go with its hardware solution.

We have defined the solution of above mentioned network problems in a step by step manner, these include:

No Network Issue

In order to do Samsung Galaxy S3 Network troubleshooting of this problem, all you have to do is to:

  • Check GSM antenna contacts at the bottom side of the back cover as mentioned in above figure
  • Check below mentioned connections as per the figure, and make sure that they are making proper contact with antenna contacts.
  • Pull the pins gently up, so that the pins can make proper contact with the antenna.
  • Replace or reheat all the marked components in figure that might be faulty, and all this is surely going to solve your network problem

Signal/Network Dropping Issue

In case the signals keeps on dropping in your Samsung Galaxy S3 then all you have to do is to Reheat or replace (if possible) Network IC as mentioned in the figure, and this thing is surely going to solve your network problems.

The above mentioned steps will surely help you in overcoming your S3 network problems in the best possible manner, but if you are lucky enough than workaround methods will surely help you in bailing out of this problem.



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