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How to Resolve Samsung Galaxy S3 Hanging Problem?

How to Resolve Samsung Galaxy S3 Hanging Problem?

One of the most common issues that can be found in any smart phone is the hanging problem, and the reason for this problem could either be software or even hardware issue. If your Samsung Galaxy S3 hanging problem is due to a software glitch then it can be easily resolved by restarting your phone (temporary solution). However if it is a hardware problem then you really need to get your Samsung Galaxy S3 to go through the entire procedure.


  • Phone hangs up randomly and at any point.
  • Phone hangs when any specific application is accessed.
  • Phone hangs after continuous usage or while accessing heavier apps.

Reasons of Problems

  • Any of the apps that you have installed might be corrupt or outdated.
  • Memory card might be faulty or contains virus, hence causing this problem.
  • Volume buttons of S3 might be stuck.
  • Entire volume strip of your S3 might be faulty.
  • This also happens when you have accessed multiple heavier apps at a time, hence the phone doesn’t have much RAM left to support all of them at the same time (this is a very rare case scenario).

Workaround and Hardware Solutions

Check Samsung Galaxy S3 Memory Card

Sometimes Samsung Galaxy S3 hanging problem is due to software rather than hardware. Before you move towards hardware solution verify whether your memory card is corrupt or not, as if your memory card contains virus then you will witness Samsung Galaxy S3 hanging problem or even malfunction. In order to overcome this problem, all you have to do is to simply format your memory card and that’s it!

If that doesn’t solves the problem, then:

Check Samsung Galaxy S3 Volume Button

Smasung Galaxy S3 hanging problem SolutionCheck Samsung Galaxy S3 volume button

  • Verify whether Samsung Galaxy S3 volume button is stuck or not, as sometimes it remains stuck after you press it, and may hang your phone.
  • If it is the case then change the button cap of your Samsung Galaxy S3 in order to avoid that problem in future.
  • If not, then change the entire volume strip of your Samsung Galaxy S3.
  • Now reset your Samsung Galaxy S3.

Samsung Galaxy Apps

  • Update all the apps of your Samsung Galaxy S3.
  • If the problem persists, remove all the suspicious apps especially the third part ones.

All of the above steps will surely help you in overcoming Samsung Galaxy S3 hanging problems and in best possible manner.


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