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How to Solve Samsung Galaxy S3 Display Problems?

How to Solve Samsung Galaxy S3 Display Problems?

Samsung Galaxy S3 display screen is surely exceptional, and this is mainly because it is made up with Super AMOLED capacitive touch screen, however this exceptional display screen is surely one fragile one, and it doesn’t take much to damage this screen. Other than just broken display, there are also different problems that are associated with screen of S3.

Let’s have a look at some of the screen problems associated with S3.

When it comes to Samsung Galaxy S3 display problem, people normally encounter following issues:

Samsung Galaxy S3 no display


  • No Display
  • Screen freezes / hangs up
  • Only Function Button light is working
  • Nothing is working
  • Display is physically damaged, cracked or broken.
  • Lines or dark patches on S3 display.
  • Discoloration of screen.

Reasons of Problems

  • Display might be broken from inside.
  • Strip / board connector might be damaged or might be loosely connected with each other.
  • Phone might be physically or water damaged.
  • SD Might be the cause of freezing problem of your phone, and it mainly happens due to corrupt data.


Samsung Galaxy S3 Screen Frozen

  • Hold Power Button + Volume Up Button and Home Button together, this will restart your phone.
  • For Freezing problem wipe your phone data and check, also remove SD card and then also check, as this problem is mainly due to corrupt data in your phone or SD card. You need to do both things in order to do that.
  • If the freezing problem still fails to solve then go with Factory Data Reset, and after it is done go back to first screen and reboot, this will surely help you to resolve your screen freezing problem and in best possible manner.

Hardware Solution

Hardware solution mainly revolves around the problem with the display screen of the phone, and no workaround method is devised for that. You need to go into its hardware in order to resolve this issue in the best possible manner.

In order to resolve all of the above issues, all you have to do is to:

  • Check Strip and Board connector, as sometimes the pins are damaged or they are not connected properly. Disconnect, clean and reconnect on-board and display connector.
  • Check with any other working LCD screen, as it is also possible that your S3 screen is broken from inside. In this case you need to get the screen replaced with the new one.
  • Track down your entire phone’s board for any traces of water damage. If connector is physically or water damaged, then change it this will surely solve your display problems.



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