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How to Overcome Samsung Galaxy S3 Bluetooth and Wi-Fi problem?

How to Overcome Samsung Galaxy S3 Bluetooth and Wi-Fi problem?

A whole lot of us get confused when it comes to turning on Bluetooth or Wi-Fi (or both) in their Samsung Galaxy S3. Sometimes it happens that we are unable to turn on our Bluetooth or Wi-Fi in our phones, and we think that there is some problem with our Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Most of the time it is just the software issue, which can be easily resolved by following a set of steps. In the following lines you will get to know the method to resolve Samsung Galaxy S3 Bluetooth and Wi-Fi problems in the most effective manner.


Samsung Galaxy S3 Wi-Fi problems

  • Wi-Fi turns itself ON.
  • Packets not transferring.
  • Wi-Fi connected but not working.
  • No Wi-Fi device found.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Bluetooth Problems

  • Device not found.
  • Packets not transferring.
  • Sending failed.
  • File stops in between.
  • Only searching for device not connecting.

Reasons of Problems

  • Bluetooth and Antenna contacts might be dry soldered.
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi module might be faulty.
  • Antenna contact pins might not be making proper contact with antenna.
  • Problem in your Wi-Fi device.
  • Other device you want to connect with Bluetooth is hidden or is having some issues.
  • Transfer file is too big.


For Wi-Fi Turns itself ON

One of the most common Samsung Galaxy S3 Wi-Fi problems that people face is the Wi-Fi turns on itself, and in order to overcome that all you have to do is to:

  • Launch phone dialer
  • Dial *#0011# to enter service mode
  • Tap on menu button
  • Choose WIFI
  • Turn the WIFI power saver mode OFF then exit window
  • Turn WIFI OFF

After you do all that, it won’t turn on again.

For Other Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Issues

  • Toggle On/Off on your Wi-Fi Device.
  • Turn your phone’s Wi-Fi On/Off and check. Also do the same for Bluetooth.
  • Check the visibility status of Bluetooth device.

Hardware Solution

The only issue that you might encounter with your Samsung Galaxy S3 is that the Bluetooth doesn’t search for other connections, in order to overcome that, all you have to do is to:

  • Restart your phone
  • Turn on your Bluetooth, if the problem still exists then:

Saung Galaxy S3 Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Antenna Pin

  • Check Bluetooth and Antenna contacts at the backside.

Samsung S3 bluetooth Wi-fi Module

  • Check out Bluetooth and Wi-Fi module (near power button)
  • Replace the module.
  • If the similar problem is with the Wi-Fi, then follow the similar procedure. This thing is surely going to resolve Samsung Galaxy S3 Bluetooth and Wi-Fi problem.



  • qamber ali

    samsung galaxy s3. wifi can turn on but cant find any wifi signal…help me

    • Qamber normally this happens when your phone has suffered a fall, it is evident that the internal wifi cable is disconnected from its connector or it is loosed up. If you have good steady hands, then open the body of your S3, and connect and disconnect the cable as mentioned in the above picture and make sure to power off your phone before during this procedure. Anyways please do check whether your Bluetooth is working or not and do notify me. thanks

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