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Samsung Galaxy S3 Audio Problems and Solutions

Samsung Galaxy S3 Audio Problems and Solutions

Samsung Galaxy series is known to be one of the finest smart phone ranges that exist today, and this is mainly because its features have surely beaten a good number of industry giants. But nothing is flawless, no matter how better the technology is, as after some time it is going to start having some issues in it due to any of the reason.

One of the most common issues / faults that your Samsung Galaxy S3 might come across is the audio problem, and it happens when your Samsung Galaxy S3 encounters water, any damp surface, strong physical collision or even dust. Following are three different cases in Audio problems encountered by S3.


Audio problem in Samsung Galaxy S3 is of three types:

  • Case 1 – Noise in the Speaker
  • Case 2 – No Sound at all (During Dialing or Receiving calls)
  • Case 3 – Low Sound

Reasons of Problems

  • Dust might be the cause of the noise problem.
  • Phone might be physically damaged or water damaged.
  • Any of the capacitors, audio codec or strip connector might be damaged.
  • Speaker might be faulty.


Resolving Case 1 Issue

Case-1 issue normally occurs due to dust on speakers of your Samsung Galaxy S3 which covers Speaker Diaphragm. In order to resolve Case 1, all you have to do is to:

  • Open cover of your Samsung Galaxy S3 (front end) and clean the speaker area with the help of a cotton bud or any cotton cloth, if it’s too much dusty than it is a good idea to replace it rather than cleaning it.

Resolving Case 2 Issue

Case–2 issue can be resolved by:

  • Restarting your Samsung Galaxy S3.
  • Overview Volume settings.

Resolving Case 3 Issue

Case-3 issue can only be resolved by replacing your Samsung Galaxy S3 speaker, and this problem occurs due to faulty speakers. There is no specific reason for a speaker to be faulty.

If your issue isn’t resolved with all that, than all you have to do is to move towards Hardware solution:

Hardware Solution

Samsung Galaxy audio problems

After separating your Samsung Galaxy S3 audio chip with phone, than all you have to do is to:

  • Check volume level first.
  • Verify whether your strip or connector of Samsung Galaxy S3 had any kind of damage (Physical or Water)
  • In case it is damaged then replace it with a new strip or connector.
  • Now figure out either Capacitor or Codec is faulty, if any one of them is, replace it. (Red Marked areas notifies terminals of connector and Audio Codec).
  • In order to verify whether Samsung Galaxy S3 speakerphone is working or not, all you have to do is to make a call.



  • any of the points above is not the issue in my galaxy s3, what the issue i have is that while playing music it suddenly stop a bit and then continue playing but it happens most of the time, any one knows how to solve this type of problem in galaxy s3?

    • Jake, you might have a lot of applications running at the back end, that is causing this issue. Plea other things could be:
      1. You are running out of RAM (clear Cache).
      2. Out of storage space (please make space).
      3. Does the hanging thing happens at any specific point? (remove that song).
      4. Do you have any other Music app running parallel? Close it.
      5. Close any other app running.

      I hope the above things solve the issue. If not then do message me back thanks.

  • Bonné Andreas

    hoe kan ik de luidspreker aanzetten en ook afzetten van galaxy s3


    There’s certainly a great deal to find out about this subject.
    I love all the points you’ve made.

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