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Rare Samsung Galaxy S2 Problems That You Have To Deal With

Rare Samsung Galaxy S2 Problems That You Have To Deal With

Samsung Galaxy S2 is surely known to be one of the finest smart phone that is produced in the competition of iPhone. But still like every other smart phone there are also some Samsung Galaxy S2 problems reported which you have to deal with.

In the following lines you will get to know about some of the rare Samsung Galaxy S2 problems that you might encounter:

samsung galaxy s2 problems

Update Issue

It is surely not one of the common problems of Samsung Galaxy S2 that you have to encounter, and this is because it happens in a very rare case. In such scenario Samsung Galaxy S2 hangs up during new software update, and that’s surely the worst problem among all. In order to resolve Samsung Galaxy S2 problem, all you have to do is to take it to your nearest Samsung service center or you can either contact your local mobile repairing shop in order to overcome this issue, as you cannot do anything on your own.

Bluetooth Connection Error

Another rare S2 issue is the Bluetooth problem, which normally occurs when you move from one smart phone to Samsung Galaxy S2. In order to overcome S2 issue, all you have to do is to contact the Samsung support, as they will guide you in resolving this problem, it is another Samsung Galaxy S2  problem that is encountered in rare cases and you cannot resolve it on your own.

Battery Overcharging

Battery overcharging indication is a problem that you might encounter after 12 to 14 months of your phone Usage. In this error your Samsung Galaxy S2 indicates that your phone is overcharging. In such case, the problem might either be due to the faulty charger / cable or it could simply be the battery problem. In order to resolve this issue:

  • Take out your Samsung Galaxy S2 battery and put it back again, for most people this thing has surely worked out, however it if doesn’t than:
  • Check out for any new Samsung Galaxy S2 update, if you find one than download it immediately. In case there is still the same problem than:
  • Change your charger or cable, and if that doesn’t work either than lastly:
  • Take your Samsung Galaxy S2 to Samsung repair center or take it to any of the local mobile repair shops.

All of the above are some of the rarest Samsung Galaxy S2 problems that one might encounter in his life, and all of the above methods are here to solve all of these issues in the best possible manner. So just eliminate any of these Samsung Galaxy S2 problems without any issue.



  • Hi, the problem I have is with a Captivate Glide. When I press on the top right corner of the phone(below approximately of the front camera) the phone hangs, this pressure is accompanied by a sharp beep. This has any solution? I hope you understood my poor english. 🙂

    • Andres i recommend that you should unplug, clean and re-plug display your S2 display strip (Clean both connector and strip).

  • You are right! Web is surely filled with every kind of information, and is surely enough to make you understand a whole lot of stuff.

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