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How to Solve Samsung Galaxy S2 Network Problem?

How to Solve Samsung Galaxy S2 Network Problem?

One of the uncommon issues that have been reported in Samsung Galaxy S2 is the mobile network problem. In this type of problem, your Smartphone start giving out error message that mobile network isn’t available. This is surely a one frustrating thing, as you will not be able to send or receive any text messages or calls etc. hence killing the sole purpose of having a phone on your side.

In the following lines you will get to know about the detail of these problems along with its best possible solution.


  • No signals in S2.
  • Signal keeps on dropping.
  • Very low signal.
  • Phone showing signals but not making or receiving any calls.

Reasons of Problems

Following are some of the reasons why your Samsung Galaxy S2 is facing mobile network connectivity problem:

  • Issue with your network provider, SIM card or SIM Card sensor (might be faulty)
  • Incorrect Configuration.
  • Problem with your Network IC.

Manual Solution

In order to solve Samsung Galaxy S2 Mobile network issue, all you have to do is to follow the following steps.

  • Restart your phone, as most of the time a simple restart resolves this issue.
  • Turn Flight Mode from On to Off.
  • Remove and clean your Sim card as well as SIM card tray properly and then reinsert it, also make sure that SIM Card Sensors and Sim tray are making proper contact with each other.
  • Go in your Samsung S2’s setting and:
    • Select “Mobile Networks” option.
    • Now Select “Network Operator” option
    • Select the automatic setting. This thing will allow your device to configure the settings automatically.
  • Clear the entire cache of your Smartphone.
  • Go with Factory reset! But make sure you Sync all your data before you go with this option.
  • If everything else fails then there must be an error with your Network IC. Re-solder or replace all the faulty capacitors and your network IC (If faulty).

Hardware Solution

Resolving “No Network” and “Low Signal” Issue

Galaxy S2 Power Amplifier IC

If you are having “No Network” or “low Signal” issue, it means that your Power Amplifier IC is faulty. Reheat or Re solder it in order to overcome this problem, if it still doesn’t work then replace Power Amp IC.

Resolving “Signal Dropping” Issue

Galaxy S2 Network IC

If you are facing “Signal Dropping” issue than it means your Network IC / RFMD is faulty. Reheat or Re Solder it or you can also chose to go with replacing Network IC.




    Hi, i am using a aircel sim in nokia 112 full signal showing but i change mobile now using Samsung but now not show signal then i chack in other samsung, sony xperia, android mobile but not showing network signal pls help me why not support aircel sim in android mobile in Siwan bihar.

  • help, my samsung s2 does not read my sim card, even though I reset it like 5 times

    • Check with any other SIM card that is working on some other phone. If that one fails as well update your phone, else you need to go with its hardware solution.

  • nawab sahab

    sir…whenever I call anybody or anybody elx calls me dre is a buzzz kind of sound heard byvthe oder person… m havin s2 cn u plxx help me

    • remove body of your S2, remove, clean and fix Mic rubber cap and check. Anyways what kind of buzzing noise you are encountering?

  • please reply as soon as possible

  • hi i am face a problem in my sumsung s2korian mobile but now iam in india buti today face a error message during call/sms not registered to network but mobile data is running i wiil restore my phone than i face same problem please help me

    • check your phone with any other SIM card, as the network might be faulty. If that doesn’t work then go into your phone settings and toggle between different network modes.

  • Unable to make calls due to signal f network error on display screen once the call send

    • Check with other SIM card that whether you are having similar issue or not. If it is not the SIM card then the problem is in your Power AMP IC. Gently heat your Power AMP IC adn check, if that doesn’t work then resolder it. If it still fails to perform the replace the IC. this will surely solve your problem.

  • When my battery is full then the network is ok when it discharge to 80 percent or lower it issue no network …. pls help.. I have tested changing network ic… but the same problem …plsss

    • Go with the software update if possible, if that doesn’t work for you then the problem might be in your battery. Check with other battery as well, as it could also be battery problem. If that doesn’t work then you need to check your board for water damage, as such problem arises due to water damage. Trace out water damaged areas, clean them and and also heat your board for around 2 seconds with the help of a heat gun / blow dryer.

  • shanmugam

    sir I have s2.i use airtel works when iam in some places and not working in some places. also aircel sim is not working. when approach Samsung care they said I have to change motherboard completely which costs 8k.please tell a solution

    • Okay the very first thing that you need to do is to remove your SIM card clean its contacts and check -> check with any other company’s SIM card, if that one works then it is the problem with your SIM card. Besides that, also clean the SIM Socket contacts with the help of a pin and check, as sometimes due to rust and dust it gives problem in connection. Try that, hopefully it will work for u

  • My mobile s2 network solve problem help me

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