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Samsung Galaxy S1 Power Problems and Solution

Samsung Galaxy S1 Power Problems and Solution

Samsung Galaxy S1 power problem is known to be one of the issues that cannot be ignored in any way, and this is mainly because of the fact that if you are having power problems with your Samsung Galaxy S1 then you won’t be able to do any single thing. For best results and increased battery life and performance, always make sure that you are using Samsung’s original battery.


  • Phone not turning on.
  • Phone powers off while booting.
  • Phone heats up even when the phone is turned off, and also phone does not power on.

Reasons of Problems

  • Improper battery voltage.
  • Phone might be physically damaged or have encountered water damage.
  • Connector of battery terminals might be corroded or damaged.
  • Discontinuity in battery voltage or the problem might be in metal cap of S1


Phase 1

  • Check battery voltage, but before that make sure it is fully charged
  • Check the connectors of battery for water or corrosion damage
  • Clean it with a good cleaning solution and re solder the connectors if needed or you can also chose to go with changing the battery connector
  • Now check Samsung Galaxy S1 power button’s usual action.

If all the above doesn’t work, then all you have to do is to move towards the next phase, which is:

Phase 2

  • Check continuity using multi meter at two end of power button, make sure you have pressed the connection at that time. If there is discontinuity then it means that the power button is faulty
  • In case of discontinuity, there might be the problem with the button metal cap. Change the cap in this case.

If that also doesn’t solves the problem then you should move towards:

Phase 3

In Phase 3, all you have to do is to check voltage across the pins of power button, and make sure that it is 2.8v. If there is no voltage at button, and the button looks in good condition then check the power button connection as mentioned below:

 Samsung Galaxy S1 power module

  • Change the capacitor near the power module if faulty. In order to verify whether the capacitor is faulty or not check its voltage, it should be 3.8V

 Samsung Galaxy S1 Power IC faulty

  • If the voltage is not 3.8V then it means that the power IC is faulty, Re ball or replace the power IC.

These 3 phases are surely going to resolve your Samsung Galaxy S1 power problem flawlessly.


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