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Method to Solve Samsung Galaxy S1 Charging Problem

Method to Solve Samsung Galaxy S1 Charging Problem

It is surely very common to have charging problem in your Samsung Galaxy S1, and it mainly happens due to any physical damage and the water damage that might have encountered your phone.

In the following lines you will get to know about some of the most common Samsung Galaxy S1 charging problems followed by reasons of those problems and solutions.


  • Phone not charging.
  • Slow charging.
  • Phone heats up during charging.
  • Phone showing wrong statistics of power left in your phone.

Reasons of Problems

  • The most common reason of this problem is that the charging pin is water damaged.
  • Dry Solder of Connector Pin.
  • Pins don’t make contact with board.
  • Components are faulty.
  • Charging a phone via third party charger.
  • Charger is not connected with the charging pin of phone.


Following are the most common workaround methods that have been found effective for most people.

  • Clean charging pins with the help of a cotton cloth.
  • Use original Samsung Galaxy charger, as most of the time the main cause of the problem is your charger not anything else.
  • Power off your phone and then try to charge it again, as most of the people have reported that this thing has helped them to overcome their charging problem.
  • Check how many applications are open at the back end, if there are too many then close them down and check for the issue.

Hardware Solution 

 Samsung Galaxy S1 Charging circuit

  • Clean the charging pin and connect the charger again, verify whether the voltage at the vbus is 5v or not.
  • If the voltage is not shown in the multi meter then it means that the pin is dry solder, however this problem could be due to other reasons too!
  • Resolder charging pin and put charger back and verify whether this has solved the problem or not.
  • You can also choose to change the charging connector too, if it is not in usable condition.

If all the above methods are not working then:

  • Check the connections
  • Check voltage, if it is not 5v then reheat or change the IC
  • Also check battery contacts too, as if there is any problem with the battery sensing pin then it could also be the reason for charging problem in Samsung Galaxy S1.

Just follow all of the above mentioned steps and it will surely help you to resolve all of these issues in the best possible manner.



  • hello i have a samsung galaxy scl i9003 and the battery never charge to 100% i try with the phon on and off and never 100% and if i leave tho phon off the battery go down, i leave the phone off in the nigth with 60% and in the mroning the battery is empty.
    any body know what happen with the phone?

    • Hi Damian. The very first thing that you need to do is to update your Software and check. If that doesn’t work for you then check whether your charging connector is faulty. Afterwards replace your phone’s battery and check, but changing battery should be considered as the last resort.

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