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How to Resolve Samsung Galaxy S1 Camera Failed Problem?

How to Resolve Samsung Galaxy S1 Camera Failed Problem?

Samsung Galaxy S1 is known to be the very first phone in galaxy series that surely created a history, as it was accepted worldwide. One of the reasons for its massive success was its camera, which was regarded as the most powerful phone camera of that time that literally stunned the audience, however after sometimes the phone camera might giving you problems due to any of the reasons, and these problems also vary from one another.

In the following lines you will get to know about different Samsung Galaxy S1 camera problems:


  • Camera is blurred.
  • Camera failed error message.
  • Screen turns black when camera is accessed.
  • S1 hangs when you access your phone’s camera
  • Any pictures you take from your camera are not saved in your phone’s memory.

Reasons of Problems

  • Phone might be water damaged or might have encountered any kind of physical damage that has caused S1’s camera to malfunction.
  • Dust on the lens of camera.
  • Any of the camera apps might be interfering with the phone’s basic functions.
  • A good number of applications are turned on at the same time, causing the phone application to crash.
  • Outdated or corrupt applications in your phone (mainly camera related apps).


There are few but very effective workaround methods that you can go with. All the below mentioned methods have surely helped a whole lot of people when it comes to overcoming there camera problems.

  • Clear the cache of your phone and check, as sometimes simply cleaning the cache does the job right.
  • Go with factory data reset option. Make sure that you back up your entire data first. A good number of people have reported that this thing has resolved their camera problem permanently.
  • Besides clearing the cache of your phone, you can also choose to go with clearing the cache of applications individually, as there are some applications whose cache you don’t want to be cleared. For that, all you have to do is to go into manage application section and press “Menu” button to sort out the size of the application.

Hardware Solution

 Samsung Galaxy S1 Camera Failed problem

  • Check Cam Strip Connector
  • Clean the Connector
  • Re solder each pin of connector or you can either chose to change the connector if possible, as sometimes the damaged filters also cause “Camera Failed” problem
  • You can either choose to go with the removal and reinserting of Camera Strip again, as sometimes this simple hardware method resolves this problem permanently.


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